Monday, December 12, 2011

Dad uses 3-year-old son as shield during police standoff (Galt, California)

More Daddy Drama--this time starring dad BRAVILIO GONZALEZ.

Father uses son as shield during arrest

8:47 AM, Dec 12, 2011

Written by Carlene Minyen

GALT, CA - A man is in a San Joaquin county jail after using his 3-year-old son as a shield when Galt police attempted to arrest him on Sunday night.

At about 6:25 p.m., Galt Police Officers attempted to locate and arrest Bravilio Gonzalez, at his residence on Moose Creek Way in Galt. He was wanted by police for a DUI warrant.

Initially family members who were contacted at the front door of the residence denied Gonzalez was at the residence.

Upon further investigation and consent search of the residence, Gonzalez was found to be hiding in the back yard of the residence. When Gonzalez realized he was seen by police, he ran back into the residence.

Gonzalez was found at the front door and upon immediately seeing a police K-9 accompanied with its handler, he immediately grabbed his 3-year-old son and told police they couldn't arrest him because he had his son in his hands.

Officers were able to safely arrest Gonzalez and then take the child into protective custody without causing injury.

Gonzalez was subsequently booked on his warrant and fresh charges of resisting arrest and child endangerment. Two other family members were also arrested for obstructing police and harboring a wanted person.

Officers were not injured during this incident.