Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dad raped 9-year-old daughter during his child access time; abuse not caught till she developed STD (Bristol, England)

UNNAMED DAD finally admitted he raped his 9-year-old daughter during his visitation time--but ONLY AFTER the medical evidence implicated him.


Bristol man's rape of daughter, 9, revealed by STD
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Bristol Evening Post

A FATHER'S rape and sexual abuse of his nine-year-old daughter was uncovered after she caught his sexual disease.

He carried out a series of sickening attacks on the girl at his home, in some woods and at Blaise Castle estate, Bristol Crown Court was told.

The man from north west Bristol, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to six charges of sexually assaulting a child aged under 13, two charges of causing or inciting a girl aged under 16 to engage in sexual activity and a single count of rape yesterday, as he was about to face a trial.

A judge jailed him for nine years.

The court heard the 33-year-old, who lived in Horfield before his arrest, was frequently drunk when he had access to the child.

It was around her ninth birthday when he groped her, forced her to touch him improperly and raped her.

Kerry Barker, prosecuting, said the victim's parents had separated and her mother had custody of the child, with the father having occasional contact.

In August 2009, Mr Barker said, the girl was diagnosed with genital warts. At first she denied anyone had touched her. But in December last year she told her mother she had been sexually abused and police were called.

The child told officers some of the abuse occurred during visits to parkland at Blaise Castle estate, some in woods and some at her father's flat.

The father was arrested and initially denied the abuse, claiming other children would have been present when he saw her.

He also volunteered his medical records and agreed to a medical examination, the court heard.

But when he was examined in January this year he was diagnosed with the same genital virus as contracted by the girl.

Mr Barker said: "The court would have heard from (the girl), her mother and the defendant's father.

"Evidence also included the defendant allowing (the girl) to see pornography in his care.

"(The girl) has undergone treatment for warts and they are slowly dissipating."

Tabitha Macfarlane, defending, said her client had only petty violence on his criminal record.

She said: "He has suffered from alcohol misuse. He acknowledges he has acted in a way that has caused his family great harm.

"He has fractured his family beyond any recovery, with no hope of going back."

Miss Macfarlane said her client would not cope well in prison and had requested that he be put in a safe place.

She said: "(The girl) would have been incredibly upset had this matter been contested.

"This is a very sad day for him."

Jailing the man, Judge Michael Roach told him: "These are dreadful offences. What can be said on your behalf is you avoided this little girl giving evidence. That would have been a traumatic thing for her to do.

"You've put her through considerable trauma already."

The judge ordered the abuser to register as a sex offender indefinitely.

Afterwards Detective Constable Phil Osborne said: "This was a very difficult case for all involved.

"The outcome is, hopefully, one that will allow the victim and her family to move on.

"The child abuse investigation team will always pursue allegations of this nature and this conviction demonstrates that."