Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dad on trial for murdering 7-week-old son (Sheffield, England)

Dad is IAN HUTCHINSON. We've posted on this case before. Another situation where the baby was in Daddy's "sole care" for a brief period of time--just long enough for Daddy to brutalize and kill the infant over dirty nappies (diapers).

Baby murder accused ‘would not hurt a child’
Published on Wednesday 7 December 2011 07:00

A DAD who denies murdering his seven-week-old son wept in court as he recalled the moment the baby ‘went limp’ in his arms and told a jury: “I would never in a million years want to inflict pain on a child.”

Ian Hutchinson, aged 25, is accused of killing Kieron Hutchinson by violently shaking him and striking him with a hard object while the infant was in his sole care.

But Hutchinson told Sheffield Crown Court he had no reason to hurt the baby and he ‘didn’t know what to do’ when his son suddenly began gasping for breath.

The alleged murderer said he and wife Rebecca took Kieron to the doctor for his six to eight weeks’ examination on the morning of September 3 last year.

“He said everything was fine,” Hutchinson said.

“I was really proud of how well he was doing.”

He said the couple then took Kieron to Rebecca’s parents’ house, while they took their car to be part-exchanged.

They picked up their son after spending ‘at least an hour’ at the garage.

Hutchinson said Kieron seemed well and he was sitting on father-in-law Brian Cadman’s lap when they collected him.

He told jurors they soon left for his mother Georgina’s house on Station Road, Chapeltown.

The qualified mechanic - who worked for a bus company as a spray painter and body repairer - said he spent up to half an hour working on the car before Georgina and Rebecca went out to a local supermarket.

Hutchinson said he realised Kieron’s nappy needed changing, and rang Rebecca to ask her to buy baby wipes, but that the baby ‘didn’t seem to calm down’ and was ‘starting to cry quite a lot’.

Hutchinson said he called Rebecca again, adding: “I told her he had gone limp in my arms.”

“It didn’t seem like he was breathing properly, he seemed to be gasping,” he continued.

“I wanted to help him as best I could but I didn’t know what to do, so I tried patting his back and tried helping him breathe.”

Wiping away tears, he told jurors: “I would never in a million years want to inflict pain on a child.”

Medics later told Hutchinson and Rebecca Kieron would be severely brain damaged, if he survived.

Hutchinson said Mr Cadman lost his temper easily and that he once saw him behaving abusively towards a young relative.

Mr Cadman spoke to him after Kieron’s funeral, he added.

“He said if I was covering up for my mum I deserved to rot in hell, or I had done it and I deserved to die with him,” he said.

Hutchinson also told the jury that he was ‘over the moon’ when Kieron was born.

He was told it was unlikely he would ever father a child after suffering a groin injury while inline skating as a teenager.

The trial continues.