Saturday, February 1, 2014

New info on dad with shared custody: What judge let this guy anywhere near a baby? (Pulaski, Virginia)

Everybody is surprised that dad (and serial criminal) HOWARD COLE was out on the streets and free to commit more crimes.

Why does no one ask why this criminal was granted joint custody of an infant??? See our previous post on this guy.

New Information Surfaces on Father Charged in Pulaski Co. Baby Case

Posted: Jan 31, 2014 5:32 PM EST

By David Tate

Pulaski Co., VA - A baby's body was found in Pulaski County Thursday night is believed to be missing 5-month-old Cory Cole.

Investigators are waiting on the medical examiner to make a positive I.D.

The man charged with child abuse in the case, Howard Cole, has had issues with the law, not only in the New River Valley, but in North Carolina as well.

Video from last September in Wythe County shows what investigators believe is Cole breaking into a convenience store.

This break in is a part of a string of crimes Cole is alleged to have committed that night, which has people wondering why he was even on the streets in the first place.

"As many felonies and charges that he had against him I was really surprised he was out and so was Doug Tuck. He was surprised that he made the bond," said the store's owner Brian Davis.

Doug Tuck is an investigator in Wythe County.

Wythe County's Chief Deputy agreed they were surprised.

Cole was indicted in both Wythe and Pulaski Counties earlier this month in connection to the crime spree.

The only bonds ABC 13 could find on record were a combined $5,000 for two felonies.