Sunday, February 16, 2014

Killer dad ruled insane in decapitation of 7-year-old son (Thibodaux, Louisiana)

Insane? I'm not sure about that. Past postings have clarified that dad JERMIAH WRIGHT was an unemployed, "stay-at-home" (i.e. deadbeat) dad who was supported by the mother. Yet all he did was whine and complain. Notice that Daddy didn't kill the boy till the mother announced she was leaving--the telltale sign of a domestic violence retaliation murder.

Lawyer: Louisiana father ruled insane in child's decapitation


February 14, 2014

NEW ORLEANS -- A Louisiana father accused of cutting off the head of his disabled 7-year-old son has been ruled not guilty by reason of insanity, his defense attorney said Friday.

Kerry Cuccia said the ruling by state District Judge John LeBlanc came Friday in the case against Jeremiah Wright, 32, of Thibodaux.

Cuccia said Wright will be returned to the state mental hospital in Jackson where he had been held.

Wright has been in custody since August 2011, when Jori Lirette was killed and his head left in the yard of the home Wright was sharing with Lirette's mother, Jesslyn Lirette. The boy had required around-the-clock care and was fed through a tube.

Cuccia said prosecutors agreed to the ruling.

A call seeking comment from District Attorney Cam Morvant was not immediately returned.

Wright faced a first-degree murder charge in the Aug. 14, 2011, death. The boy's head was found in the driveway. His other body parts were found in nearby trash bags.

According to a sworn police statement, Wright told investigators he had recently seen signs that made him believe he was living with a CPR dummy rather than his son.

Those signs, he said, included being defecated and urinated on the morning he decapitated and dismembered the boy, whom he referred to throughout the statement as "the dummy."

He also told police he and Jesslyn Lirette had fought the evening before, and that she had told him she was moving him out of the house.