Friday, February 21, 2014

Dad beats to death 3-year-old son for vomiting; mother had been "staying away from home" at time of murder (United Kingdom)

Why was this boy's beating death called "manslaughter"? It sure sounds like murder to me.

How much you want to bet that the mother was not home because of ongoing violence against HER?

The killer dad is identified as MAHAD AHMED.

Father beat three-year-old son to death for vomiting in his bed in "volcanic explosion of rage" Feb 21, 2014 13:08

By Richard Hartley-Parkinson

Mahad Ahmed jailed for 10 years as court hears how little Mohammed's catastrophic injuries were likened to those normally seen in car crash victims

A three-year-old boy was beaten to death by his own father when his lactose intolerant son vomited after being fed milk.

Mahad Ahmed, 43, beat his son Mohammed so badly that pathologists said his injuries were like those normally seen in car crash victims.

He was today jailed for 10 years for manslaughter after being cleared of murder by a jury.

Judge Mr Justice Jay told the Old Bailey the attack was a "volcanic explosion of rage which came on suddenly and dissipated suddenly".

A pathologist said that as a result of the attack, Mohammed suffered a lacerated liver, bleeding on the brain and fractured ribs.

Mr Jay said: "I believe that you punched Mohammed hard in the chest and stomach and then kicked him or stamped upon him when he was on the floor.

"It is likely that the back of his head struck a hard object, the wall or floor when you punched, kicked or stamped upon him.

"The injuries indicate a number of blows were struck which occurred in rapid succession.

"You lost your temper after Mohammed vomited all over the bedclothes, duvet, pillow and his tee-shirt.

"He had already vomited at least twice that day and your patience, which by then was wearing then, finally and explosively ran out.

"In short these actions were committed in a violent rage.

"It was a rage which erupted suddenly and very quickly subsided when you realised what you had done and cried out for help.'

He added: "Your intention that evening was to punish your son and inflict on him a degree of physical harm for the wrong you believed he had done.

"It was an intention which did not fall a long way short of the intention necessary for the offence of murder."

Mr Justice Jay said Ahmed has not expressed "any genuine remorse" and fails to accept responsibility for killing his child.

He added: "This was extreme, sudden and short-lived loss of self-control whose terrible consequences will be suffered by you and the rest of your family indefinitely."

He added: "You knew Mohammed tended to vomit after drinking milk and I believe that you stubbornly ignored medical advice to stop giving him dairy products."

He said the aggregating features are Mohammed's 'vulnerability because of his age' and that his father 'was in a supreme position of responsibility'.

The Ahmed family lived in one room of a mid-terrace house and shared their kitchen and bathroom with another Somalian family.

Mohammed's mother was staying away from home at the time of the attack.

Neighbours reported hearing bangs and a child crying on the day he died and Ahmed was seen clearing up sick in the kitchen.

He claims he went to get his son a potty and when he returned he found him on the floor.

Mohammed was found lying lifeless and naked on the bedroom floor.

He was in cardiac and respiratory arrest and could not be revived by paramedics or medical staff.

Robert Girling defending said: "This is man who has lost almost everything as a result of what happened. He has already paid a high price."

Ahmed, from Streatham, South London, was cleared of murder but convicted of the lesser alternative of manslaughter after a nine-day trial at the Old Bailey.