Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dad facing murder charges in death of 3-month-old son (Williamson County, Illinois)

Dad is identified as BRANDON VAUGHN, and he allegedly suffocated the baby. No mention of a mother in the home.

Father Facing Murder Charges for Infant's Death

By Stephanie Tyrpak
By Randy Livingston

Story Created: Feb 19, 2014 at 4:36 PM CST
Story Updated: Feb 19, 2014 at 5:35 PM CST

WILLIAMSON COUNTY -- Months after a 3-month-old was laid to rest in Williamson County, his father now faces murder charges in connection with his death.

The court documents were filed Tuesday. They show that 22-year-old Brandon Vaughn is charged with two counts of first degree murder.

Vaughn was in Williamson County court Wednesday facing a judge for the first time in this case.

The obituary for Braysen Michael Vaughn describes the 3-month-old as a baby with a sweet disposition and smile.

However, on the afternoon of October 30, a 911 call came in to the Johnston City Police Department. The emergency was an unresponsive child.

Even with CPR efforts, Braysen was pronounced dead a short time later that afternoon.

At the start of the investigation, it appeared like the death would be natural causes.

Court documents now allege that Brandon suffocated the baby by throwing a comforter over the child's face.

On Wednesday afternoon, Vaughn walked into a Williamson County Courthouse wearing a suicide vest.

The judge read him his rights and gave him a copy of his charges. He then questioned him about his finances and appointed him a public defender.

Vaughn is being held in the Williamson County Jail on $1 million bond. He's due back in court on March 17.