Sunday, February 16, 2014

Custodial dad, who gained custody from under-age mother, found guilty of killing 16-month-old son (Tampa, Florida)

We have a general axiom here at Dastardly Dads. A custodial father's custody status will be neatly forgotten or erased by the time he goes to trial--less embarrassing and/or threatening to those in authority who granted him custody.

Let's review this back story on this one. Dad DWAYNE POOLE had sex with an underage girl, who became pregnant. After her mother passed away, the girl was placed in foster care. This scumbag sperm donor/rapist then gets CUSTODY OF THE BABY from--who else?--Florida DCF. After the mother finally aged out of foster care, she spent the next few months trying to get the baby back, but Daddy beat the kid to death first. See here and here.

Father guilty of manslaughter and aggravated child abuse in son's death

Dwayne Poole was found guilty of manslaughter and aggravated child abuse on Thursday in the death of his son, Ronderique Anderson.

By Melissa Eichman, Reporter

Last Updated: Thursday, February 13, 2014, 4:42 PM

TAMPA -- A father has been found guilty in the death of a 16-month-old baby.

Dwayne Poole was found guilty of manslaughter and aggravated child abuse. Tuesday, testimony against Poole included disturbing photos of the child's bruises.

Pediatric Critical Care Doctor Carl Riggs explained to jurors just how bad those injuries were.

"I thought he would die," said Dr. Riggs.

Police say Poole killed his son, Ronderique Anderson, in 2011 because he was playing near a light socket. Court documents say Poole punched the baby and threw him on a bed, which caused Ronderique to hit his head.

Police say Poole told them the baby fell down the stairs. Dr. Riggs described the injuries as disturbing, and testified the injuries didn't support that story.

"It seemed like all injuries were in alignment, sort of on the left side of the body, so the left side of his forehead, the spleen, the marks we saw on the leg and the trunk," said Dr. Riggs.

Poole's ex-girlfriend, Tonya Myers also testified Tuesday.

Myers pleaded guilty to child neglect charges for not reporting the abuse. Myers told jurors she lied when police interviewed her.

"The first statement was just a lie, period," said Myers, "because I was scared."