Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dad charged with abusing 6-month-old daughter (Plover, Wisconsin)

Dad is identified as CHOUA XIONG. No mention of a mother in the home. Is there one?

Plover Father Charged in 'Shaken Baby' Case

Updated: Wed 5:10 AM, Feb 12, 2014

By: WSAW Staff A 23-year-old Plover man is behind bars on a $25,000 cash bond following allegations he physically abused his daughter resulting seizures and treatment in the intensive care unit.

The investigation began in January after the doctors determined the six-month-old girl had bleeding on the brain, which was caused by non-accidental trauma.

According to the criminal complaint, the girl also had a fractured leg which would have occurred during her first week of life.

During a CT scan performed on Jan. 3, doctors say the right side of the child's brain show a subdural hemotoma. According to the criminal complaint, there appeared to be old blood and new blood.

The girl's father, Choua Xiong, initially said the girls injuries were the result of a car accident that occurred in October. However, he later admitted to dropping the girl and shaking her.

Court documents state the girl's injuries were consist with 'shaken baby syndrome'.

Xiong has been ordered to have no contact will children.

He'll return to court on Feb. 17 to learn if his case will head to trial.