Monday, February 24, 2014

Absentee dad gains custody of kids--only to repeatedly bite and abuse them (Kuantan, Malaysia)

Father Exaltation propaganda has reached everywhere--even Malaysia.

Father Exaltation is the (undocumented) belief that a father--any father--is Absolutely Indispensable to a child's well being, and that any family that lacks a father is, by definition, inferior.

What children actually need is for their basic physical needs to be met, and good, consistent, and loving caregiving. It's really that simple. But that doesn't match anybody's political agenda, does it?

So what we end up with is an absentee father and drug addict who suddenly decides he wants to be primary parent. This is THREE YEARS AFTER the mother, their former primary caretaker who had left this deadbeat dope head, had died and left the children with her parents.

Any normal evaluation would have said these kids were better off with the grandparents, who had been providing consistent care for them over the past years. But NOOO! CHILDREN MUST HAVE THEIR DADEEEEE!!!!--or so we keep getting told over and over again.

So the children go off with the absentee/drug-addicted father, and what do you know. They are not only neglected, but UNNAMED DAD does a major freak out on them and BITES THEM ALL OVER THEIR BODIES, causing pain and swelling. Not only that, but the kids are now in counseling.

Sometimes the kids ARE better off with the grandparents, ya know? But try convincing a family court of that, which had been bombarded with fathers rights propaganda for years.

Father allegedly bit children after reunion

By T.N.Alagesh

KUANTAN: After spending more than three years living with their grandparents in Kedah, two siblings were overjoyed when their father, invited them to move in and stay with him here last month.

However, the emotional reunion instead turned into a nightmare, when their father, a former army personnel, became violent by abusing the duo - a 11-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son - at their rented room.

The suspect, believed to be a drug addict, had allegedly bit the children on numerous occasions resulting them to suffer from pain and swelling all over the body.

Their ordeal came to an end last Saturday when a neighbour who inspected the room found the duo covered with bite marks and immediately brought them to the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital (HTAA) here for treatment.

According to a source, the siblings had moved to stay with their grandparents in Kuala Muda, Kedah after their mother, who is separated from their father, passed away some three years ago.

"Last month, the suspect informed his former father-in-law that he has secured a job in Kuantan and invited the siblings to move in with him. Convinced that the move will allow them to be reunited and stay under one roof as a family, their grandparents agreed.

"However, the children's dreams were dashed when their father abused them daily without any valid reasons and their cries of pain had caught the neighbour's attention," said the source, adding that the suspect works as a security guard at a primary school here.

The source said, when the suspect left the room last Saturday afternoon, the neighbour inspected the unit and was shocked to learn about the children's condition.

Doctors in HTAA discovered the bite marks on the siblings and their father in his 40s was later picked by the police under suspicion of child abuse.

Meanwhile, acting district welfare department officer Zalina Yusoff said the duo were sent to the Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom Children's Home in Penor on Saturday before their grandparents arrived to take them back to Kedah on Sunday afternoon.

She said although the children were now living with their grandparents, the Kuala Muda welfare department will monitor their progress and hold counselling sessions.