Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dad gets maximum of 15 years in prison for death of "missing" 9-month-old son (Utica, New York)

Just 15 years (and maybe less???) for this low-life piece of crap? All he has done is lie from the very beginning. Didn't bother to report the baby as "missing" for two whole weeks--and only then because somebody asked about his whereabouts. Then he makes up another story about finding the baby dead. Then the baby's body is finally found with a fractured skull.

Bullsh** from beginning to end.

All this happened while the father, JEVON WAMELING, had temporary custody.

Jevon Wameling, father of baby boy found in Mohawk River, sentenced for son's death

by Jeremy Ryan
Posted: 1 hr, 7 mins ago

UTICA -- The father of a nine-month-old boy who died last May and was found in a container in the Mohawk River has been sentenced for his son’s death.

In Oneida County Court Thursday morning, Jevon Wameling of Utica learned that he will spend the next 7.5 to 15 years in prison for causing the death of his son, Levon. Jevon Wameling had pleaded guilty in November to second degree manslaughter after telling the Utica Observer-Dispatch that he discovered the baby dead in his sleep on May 29, 2013. However, the baby was found to have suffered a skull fracture after he was recovered from the Mohawk River by police dive teams on September 6.

Wameling said he panicked and was “scared out of his mind” when he put the boy’s body in a container, filled it with rocks, and sank it in the river. Wameling had told police on June 11 – two weeks after he allegedly went missing – that the boy had disappeared from their Jay Street home, triggering a county-wide search over the course of three months.

Levon’s mother Amy spoke in court Thursday, telling Jevon that he had “destroyed our lives” and “took away our son.” She was moved to tears as she addressed the court and the father of her child.

At the sentencing hearing, Judge Barry Donalty recommended Wameling serve the full 15 years of his sentence and not be granted early parole. The manslaughter sentence will be served concurrently with additional prison terms Wameling has received on unrelated burglary and drug charges.