Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dad murders 2-year-old daughter, wife; 12-year-old son in critical condition (Owings, Maryland)

The fathers' rights crowd claims that orders of protection are handed out like candy, just for the asking. As you can see, this is pure bullsh**. This murdered mom filed for a protection order in 2007, and it still wasn't "finalized"? Just how many years does it take? Or can we call this out for what it is? Pure unadulterated corruption and incompetence, and the usual official contempt towards women?

In fact, though it isn't pointed out here, Maryland has one of those most restrictive laws in the country regarding protection orders--all due to the fathers' rights lobbyists--and we can see the results, can't we. A dead woman, a dead little girl, and a little boy in critical condition.

The press contributes to this ridiculous charade by blaming everything on a "troubled" marriage, and by refusing to identify the real culprit: an increasingly violent man that law enforcement obviously ignored (coddled?) for years, and never held responsible for his crimes. Why wasn't he jailed last year after assaulting Mom? Notice that there is no answer provided by the police.

So over time, Daddy's sense of Special Entitlement just grows and grows. Till we finally have the Big Daddy Drama Finale, which like a lot of Big Daddy Drama Finales, involves not only multiple murders but a big fire and a police standoff. As stage directors, these guys don't have a lot of creativity.

And all the freaking police can do is wring their hands and sob about what a "tragedy" all of this was? Sickening. This guy was a time bomb waiting to go off, and the authorities, by all available evidence, did diddly squat to stop it.

The killer daddy is identified as FRANK HAYWARD JR.

Horror as wealthy Maryland father-of-two kills wife, daughter, 2, and himself in murder-suicide while injured son, 12, fights for his life

Steelworker Frank Hayward Jr, 32, killed wife, daughter and himself on Tuesday morning Son, 'Little Frank', survived attack but in critical condition with severe cuts and burns

Relative believed to be great aunt escaped unharmed

Killer was barricaded in house when police arrived and had set the house ablaze, burning victim's bodies

Family had history of domestic abuse with wife Cynthia filing for protective order in 2007 citing 'a lot of mental and physical abuse and threats'

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 01:08 EST, 1 August 2012 | UPDATED: 01:15 EST, 1 August 2012

A Maryland father-of-two murdered his wife, his two-year-old daughter and attempted to kill his 12-year-old son before shooting himself in a horrific murder-suicide on Tuesday.

Steelworker Frank Hayward Jr, 32, his wife, Cynthia, 32, and their little girl, Natalee, were found dead at the family's affluent multistory home in Owings around 8.30am after an anonymous caller reported a domestic dispute to police.

The couple's son, Frank Hayward III, survived the attack but suffered severe burns and cuts to his neck and was rushed to hospital in Washington D.C where he is fighting for his life.

Another woman, believed to be Ms Hayward's great-aunt, was at home but escaped uninjured, according to The Washington Post.

'We are deeply saddened by this tragic event,' Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans said during a news conference.

Mr Hayward had barricaded himself inside the home when police arrived and was making threats before taking his own life.

He had also lit a fire in a bedroom and several others around the house, police said.

Authorities found a handgun in the property and believe the man shot his wife and toddler.

The individual causes of death remain a mystery however as police said not everyone inside the home died as a result of gunshot wounds but wouldn't elaborate further. Reports suggest the mother and child may have been burned to death in the fire.

According to The Post, Anne Arundel County court records reveal the Haywards' 13-year marriage had been a troubled one.

After marrying as teens in 1999, two weeks before their son was born, Ms Hayward filed for divorce in summer 2007 and sought a protective order that September, telling the court 'there has been a lot of mental and physical abuse over the last nine years and threats.'

She wrote that the previous night Mr Hayward, a big man with three tattoos on his arms: barbed wire, a bulldog and Cindy’s name, had come into her room and put a phone to her ear with his girlfriend on the line.

'She told me she was going to pull me out of work and beat me up,' Ms Hayward, who was employed at Anne Arundel Diagnostics, wrote.

In the complaint, she cataloged the domestic abuse she'd suffered at the hands of her husband, who worked at Stephens Pipe & Steel in Bladensburg.

Between June and September, he had hit her in the jaw, struck her with pool cue, thrown a bottle of liquid on her, and hidden her home telephone and broken her cellphone so that she couldn’t call for help, according to the newspaper.

'I want to return home. Right now at mother’s,' she wrote.

But the protective order wasn't finalised.

According to records, police were called to the Hayward residence in May to conduct a welfare check but found Ms Hayward and her children were not in any immediate danger.

Jacob Cwiek, a neighbourhood friend of Frank Hayward III's told ABC 7 that the boy 'used to have problems with his family.'

'His dad would be rough on him.,' he told the TV station.

Neighbour Patrick Davis, 41, told The Post the Haywards had moved to the exclusive neighbourhood a few years ago.

He said the 12-year-old, or 'Little Frank' as he was known, was a friendly child who often played with other children.

'You never fathom that this would happen in your own neighborhood,' Mr Davis said.