Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dad wanted by police; infant son permanently disabled from three skull fractures (Louisa, Kentucky)

Dad NICK BALLOU brutalized this infant, and never even had the decency to seek medical help. The baby now has permanent disabilities. Now Daddy's on the run from the police.

Police looking for child abuse suspect

LOUISA, Ky. (WYMT/WSAZ) -- A manhunt is underway for someone police call a child abuser. The victim, now blind for life, is the young father's now 14-month-old son.

It was a father home alone with his then 2-month-old son. He says there was an accident.

But, after a lengthy police investigation, a grand jury handed down a felony child assault and abuse indictment last Friday. And for little Landyn's mother, there's a cry for justice for a child who's life was changed forever that August 2011 day.

Amy Ballou says right after they had their first child Madison, her now ex-husband Nick Ballou changed.

“The person he said he was wasn't who he really was,” Amy said.

Amy says that day a year ago at their home along Old Lick Creek Road in Louisa, Nick called her to say that then 2-month-old Landyn had choked on his baby bottle.

“He was navy blue and barely even alive -- he had three skull fractures,” Amy said.

Nick never called 911.

Those injuries came along with what police say was severe brain trauma.

Now, Amy says Landyn has developed cerebral palsy, that he is blind and will need and get loving, lifelong care.

“Landyn will never have his life back; his father doesn't deserve any sort of life either," Amy said.

Kentucky State Police say after last Fridays felony child abuse and assault charges were filed, the 24-year-old suspect became a fugitive -- and is on the run.

Amy says Nick did not abuse drugs or alcohol, just his temper and her son. She says it may have occurred from right after Landyn's birth.

“He had two rib fractures when he was 6-weeks-old," Amy said. "I hope he never has any other kids to where he could possibly hurt them again because he apparently can not control what he does.”

Amy says she doesn't know what happened when Nick was last alone with Landyn. But, she says a baby can’t get three skull fractures and it is an accident -- and a grand jury agreed.

If you have any information that might help investigators locate Nick Ballou, you're asked to call the Kentucky State Police Ashland post or your county 911 center.