Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dad accused of assaulting his six children, including 9-week-old twins (Auckland, New Zealand)

Notice that UNNAMED dad is also accused of beating "his partner" (i.e. the mother I assume), but despite being a victim of his violence, she and the children have been separated from each other anyway. Assuming she is not abusive, this is just layering additional trauma on the victims of this father's abuse.

Dad of six in court on assault charges


Last updated 14:40 22/08/2012

An Auckland man accused of assaulting his twin babies, his older children and his partner has been granted continued name suppression.

The 33-year-old father of six appeared in the Auckland District Court yesterday on 39 charges relating to alleged violent offending against all his children, the youngest of whom were nine-and-a-half week old twins.

Lawyer Cam Robertson said if his client's name was released, it would impair his right to a fair trial because of the "current climate in regards to allegations of this nature".

He also said the children would immediately be identifiable and the three who were attending school would be at risk of shame or embarrassment among their peers.

Judge Anne Kiernan also declined Fairfax Media's application to view the 27-page police summary of facts, which she described as containing significant detail about the accusations.

Child Youth and Family northern regional director Grant Bennett said the children had been placed with caregivers and were "safe and well".

The man was remanded in custody with his name suppression to continue until his next appearance in three weeks time.