Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dad raped teen daughter to 'educate' her about sex (Victoria, Australia)

Of course this sicko dad is UNNAMED.

Man had sex with teen daughter to 'educate' her

 August 23, 2012 - 10:34PM

A father claimed he had sex with his teenage daughter over a three-year period to provide her with sex education, a court has heard.

The father, 44, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty in the County Court today to charges of incest and producing child pornography.

Prosecutor Julian Ayres told the court the father’s offending began in 2008 when the victim, his eldest daughter, was 14 and had just started dating a 15-year-old boy.

‘‘The offender developed an active interest in his daughter’s teenage relationship and persuaded her that he was a knowledgeable source of information regarding sexual activities and was able to teach her such matters,’’ Mr Ayres said.

‘‘Under the guise of ‘educating’ the victim about sexual awareness ... the offender initiated, developed and maintained an ongoing sexual relationship with her.

‘‘Between December 2008 and February 2012, the offender and victim engaged in sexual intercourse and related intimate activities on numerous occasions at the family home. Throughout this period, the offender concealed his actions from his wife and two youngest daughters and told the victim not to tell them.’’

Mr Ayres said that when the father was finally arrested, his daughter was at school.

She later told police she initially believed the sexual ‘'education’' provided by the offender was part of a normal father/daughter relationship, and that her father ‘‘convinced me that it was apparently a good thing that he was doing ...’’

But after discussing what had been happening with friends at school, she gradually realised the situation was wrong and needed to be reported to police, Mr Ayres said.

During a record of interview with police after his arrest on February 15, the father claimed it had all started when the victim ‘‘came asking for help’’ on how to sexually satisfy her boyfriend.

Mr Ayres said the father claimed he had initially told his daughter, ‘‘This is not the right thing ... and I’ve told her that many times’’, but she had persisted and kept asking, ‘How can I do it better?’ until he eventually agreed to teach her.

The man had also told police he considered ending their sexual activities many times ‘‘but I never came up with anything reasonable. Why couldn’t I have said no? Why couldn’t she say no?’’

 He had told police he knew his actions were ‘‘by law, they’re wrong’’, but ‘‘she knew about that and she was aware of it ... and she knew at any time she can say stop ... she always had a choice’’.

The judge said it was difficult to glean if the father had addressed the ‘‘true evil’’ of what he had done.

‘‘This is an unusual case,’’ the judge said.

Mr Ayres said the case represented the ‘‘ultimate betrayal of parental responsibility’’ where the most abhorrent, perverse and exploitative behaviour had been characterised by the girl’s father as educational.

The father was remanded in custody to be sentenced on Friday week.