Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dad leaves 3-year-old daughter home alone while he goes to strip club; what happened to Mom? (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

Once again, we refuse to acknowledge the elephant in the room. WHERE IS MOM?

While UNNAMED DAD was out doing manly things like getting into fights at a strip club, his crying 3-year-old daughter was home alone, naked, and in an unlocked home. And apparently motherless as well, since even at 2 AM there is no mother, which leads me to think there was no mother in this home at all. Or she would have been cited for neglect as well.

And of course, the police minimize child neglect when a dude does it. The girl appears to be "ok" they say. I can't believe that many women or mothers would say the same about a sobbing toddler who had been left home alone all night. But dudes tend to go easy on dudes. 

So obviously this is either a (bad) custodial dad or a (bad) dad with joint custody/visitation. I'm thinking custodial, since we're told that the child is now in the care of "a relative." Which usually means not mom, or we would have been told it was the mother. Unless in Canada, mothers are just the same as random relatives these days. 

Once again, we have a mother that has been mysteriously erased from a child neglect story, and no one even questions why strip-club dad had possession of this child, and who granted him possession. As far as we know, dudes still don't give birth. So he must have got the child from someone. Who? A judge? Let's start asking the rights questions, people.


Child left home alone as dad attends strip club

 By Trevor Wilhelm, The Windsor Star
August 28, 2012

Windsor police found a three-year-old girl naked, cowering behind an unlocked door and crying for her daddy early Sunday after he allegedly went to a strip club and left her home alone.

 "When our officers arrived there, the front door was unlocked," said Sgt. Matt D'Asti of Windsor police. "They could hear the girl crying and was asking for her father."

Police learned of the alleged abandonment case after responding early Monday to a call at Silvers Lounge, a strip club. A fight call came in at 1: 10 a.m. Among those involved in the melee was a 39-year-old man. Paramedics took him to hospital for nonlife threatening injuries.

While he was being treated, the man told paramedics he'd left his three-year-old daughter home alone. The paramedics notified police.

 Officers arrived at the man's house around 2 a.m. They arrived to find the door unlocked. The girl was home alone, hiding behind the front door of the house, left unlocked.

 Police don't know how long she'd been alone, but she appeared to be OK.

Officers called the Children's Aid Society, which has taken the child away and placed her with a relative.

The girl's father, whose name has not been released, faces a charge of child abandonment.