Friday, August 24, 2012

Dad pleads guilty to killing 2-month-old son (Scranton, Pennsylvania)

Once again, we have a useless "caretaker" father who was watching the baby while Mom was out (working?).

This POS THREW a 2-month-old infant into the air, GRABBED the baby by the neck, and then violently SHOOK him--because the baby was crying.

Imagine that, a baby that cries. A$$hole...

Then this POS didn't bother to seek medical help UNTIL MOM GOT HOME. How often have we seen this go down? Where Mom is left trying to pick up the pieces after these jerks go off on the baby for normal infant behavior?

But not to worry about this poor widdle killer daddy. He's getting off on an "involuntary manslaughter charge." Not homicide. Not even voluntary manslaughter.

Who says these guys are treated unfairly again?

Daddy is identified as MICHAEL NICE.

West Side father pleads guilty to shaking infant son to death

By Denis J. O'Malley (Staff Writer)

Published: August 24, 2012

The West Scranton man who shook his 2-month-old son to death in August 2011 could face as little as nine months or as much as 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to the crime Thursday.

Michael Nice, 24, pleaded guilty to one count of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of endangering the welfare of children in front of Lackawanna County Judge Terrence R. Nealon after prosecutors amended the charges against him.

Scranton police arrested Mr. Nice on Aug. 9, 2011, after he threw his 2-month-old son, Leon, in the air, grabbed him by his neck and ultimately shook him to death when the infant would not stop crying, police said at the time.

Twenty minutes after putting the child to bed, Mr. Nice found him pale, not breathing and without a pulse.

Mr. Nice began performing CPR on the infant at that point, according to a criminal complaint, but the child's condition was not reported for another 30 minutes when the child's mother, Elizabeth Crandall, arrived at their 602 N. Rebecca Ave. home and called 911.

An autopsy performed the following day found the infant had died of shaking and blunt force trauma. Lackawanna County Coroner Tim Rowland ruled the case a homicide.

Prior to Thursday's hearing, Mr. Nice faced charges of first-degree homicide, third-degree homicide, involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault, simple assault, endangering the welfare of children and recklessly endangering another person.

On March 29, Mr. Nice entered a plea of not guilty in the case and was formally informed that prosecutors intended to seek the death penalty against him, citing the victim's age as an aggravating circumstance in the case.

Lackawanna County Deputy District Attorney Jennifer McCambridge amended the charges against Mr. Nice in advance of his guilty plea on Thursday, effectively withdrawing all charges against him save for one count of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of endangering the welfare of children.

Before accepting Mr. Nice's plea, Judge Nealon explained to him that given his lack of a prior criminal record and the charges against him, he could face as little as a 9-month minimum sentence for the manslaughter charge and probation for the endangering the welfare of children charges.

Judge Nealon explained, however, that the statutory maximums for the charges against Mr. Nice would allow an aggregate maximum of 20 years in prison if the sentences for each charge were to run consecutively.

Mr. Nice proceeded with his plea and Judge Nealon advised that a sentencing date would be set for sometime in the next 90 days after a pre-sentence investigation has been completed.