Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Custodial dad arrested after going on drug binge with 11-year-old son (Canton, Georgia)

So who gave this drug-addicted  father custody of this child? Even at the age of 43, he's apparently incapable of independent living (he lives with his mother). He goes on a 3-day drug binge that went from house to house. During this binge, he drags his son along. He keeps his son out of school and doesn't feed him. And yet he has custody....WHY?

Mom lives out of state. That much we know.

Complete silence as far as why this methhead moron has custody, which is typical of the mainstream media. Was this a court-ordered situation?

Daddy's "19-year-old friend" is an "approved adult" for picking up this child? Puleeze. He sounds like an enabler.

Note that child protection now has custody of the boy--not Mom.


Deputies: Dad arrested after going on drug binge with missing 11-year-old boy

August 22, 2012

By: Kimathi Lewis

Mr. Jason Cole, 43, was arrested on child cruelty and drug charges after deputies found he had allegedly been dragging his 11-year-old son from house to house while he goes on a drug binge, officials said. The father of a missing 11-year-old boy was arrested Tuesday after deputies found that he had allegedly been on a drug binge while dragging the boy from house to house and not providing him enough food to eat.

Mr. Jason Cole, 43, of Canton, also kept the Sixes Elementary student out of school for three days, according to Cherokee County Sheriff’s deputies.

Deputies began trying to find young Elijah Cole after he and his dad didn’t return to the Bridgemill home they share with his grandmother last Thursday, the sheriff's spokesman Lt. Jay Baker said.

At the time, deputies had few details about the boy's whereabouts and feared he may be in danger.

They knew that last Thursday Elijah was picked up from school by Mr. Will Copes, an approved adult and Mr. Jason Cole’s 19-year-old friend.

“Elijah, his father Jason Cole and Will Copes stayed at a friend’s home in Cherokee County Friday night,” Lt. Baker said. “They have not been seen or heard from since then.”

Investigators thought they may be are traveling in Mr. Copes' 2002 Audi Station Wagon back to Mississippi where Mr. Cole and Mr. Copes used to reside or possibly to Tennessee where Elijah’s mother resides.

But Tuesday morning deputies found the 19-year-old and his station wagon at a U-Haul business in Canton.

Mr. Copes told deputies he dropped Elijah Cole and his dad at a location in Pickens, Lt. Baker said. Investigators immediately went to the location and found the boy and his dad who was taken in for questioning.

“Detectives determined through their investigation that Cole has been transporting his juvenile son from house to house staying in different locations since last Thursday,” Lt. Baker said.

“He kept his child from attending school for 3 days, is suspected of being on a drug binge during that time and has not provided adequate amounts of food to the boy.”

A search warrant for Mr. Cole's blood and urine was obtained and the preliminary results came back positive for marijuana and methamphetamine. Deputies arrested Mr. Cole, 43, for first-degree cruelty to children, reckless conduct and drug possession charges.

Elijah was placed in the custody of the Department of Family and Children Services and his dad was being held at the Cherokee County jail on $43,000 bond.