Friday, August 17, 2012

Dad murders mom--in front of 13-year-old son--during child custody exchange (Grove City, Ohio)

There is a story here that is NOT made explicit, but needs to be told.

Read this carefully, and you'll see that the mother's murder took place during a child custody/visitation exchange.

Check out the sociopathic father, because all of this is classic sociopathology. And no, contrary to the daughter's sincere hope, sociopaths don't just "snap." They're just good at hiding what they're about.

The facts: Dad stabbed mom to death with no remorse while the 13-year-old son watched in horror. Not only does Daddy have no regard for a human life, a woman's life, he has no regard for his children, their security, or their peace of mind. Daddy's bullsh** rules supreme over the rights of his children to grow up with their mother. He has no qualms about stabbing somebody to death in front of his kids. Not only that, he feeds the kids all his self-justifying, self-pitying crap. All because his widdle ego is all bent because Mom is engaged to be remarried.

So, once again, contrary to fathers' rights propaganda, a life has been lost not because a poor daddy was discriminated against and denied visitation/custody. On the contrary, a life has been lost (the mother's) because fathers rights-promoted joint custody schemes placed a criminal's rights above the rights of women and children to live lives free of violence.

The killer dad is identified as JEREMY ROBERTS.

13-year-old boy contacts 911 after seeing his dad stab his mother to death

by: Staff reporter From: Daily Mail August 17, 2012 12:45PM .

''My dad just killed my mum''.

This is the moment a terrified 13-year-old boy tells 911 he has just seen his dad stab his mum to death

His dad, 38-year-old Jeremy Roberts, is accused of stabbing his ex-wife, 36-year-old Candice Roberts, when she arrived to pick-up her two children from their Grove City, Ohio apartment, the Daily Mail reports.

''My dad just killed my mum. He just told me to call you guys,'' the boy said in a recording of the call.

''He just ran out and killed my mum, and she's laying in the grass in front of our apartment.''

While the 911 dispatcher alerted police, the boy pleaded with police not to harm his dad.

''Please, guys, don't do anything to him in front of me, please,'' he said.

''He has no weapons.''

His dad then told the 911 dispatcher he was not going to harm anyone else and that the only weapon he had was a knife that was left outside with the body.

The call to 911, which lasts nearly five minutes, also captures the dad asking if he can kiss his children before telling them he loves them and saying he is going to the front door to meet the police. Candice Roberts, 36, was engaged to another man.

''I told you that there's a lot of things that you don't understand and you don't know,'' he can be heard telling the children.

''And now there's no choice for them to come out.''

He reassures the children they have a ''good big sister (who) will take care of you guys''.

Police found the woman, who was engaged to marry another man, dead covered in the front yard covered by a blanket. Roberts was standing nearby and was arrested.

Kayla, 16, told WCMH she feels ''incomplete and abandoned'' after the death of her mother, and that her brother is haunted by what he saw.

''My brother says that every time he opens his eyes, he sees my mother's face and her yelling, 'Help me!','' the teenager said.

''And he sees my dad standing there with the blood all over him, and the knife in his hand.''

She said she ''would do everything for him to be held accountable''.

''You don't just get to murder somebody and get away with it,'' she said.

Kayla said her parents rarely fought and instead believes her father ''snapped'' for no reason.

The children are staying with their grandparents.

Roberts is charged with murder and made his first appearance on Monday at Franklin County Municipal Court.

 Bond was set at $250,000. He remains in custody at the county jail.

 His next court date is scheduled for June 20.