Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dad arrested for killing 5-month-old daughter; police say he suffocated her to stop her from crying (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)

Check this out. There is mention of Daddy's "roommate"--he seems to think Daddy is a douchebag--but no mention of the mom. Where is Mom? She apparently wasn't living in the household when Daddy crushed the baby to stop her from crying. Did dad WILLIAM MOORE have custody? Did he have visitation? Some combination thereof? No explanation. Just the predicable silence we've grown accustomed to in in these cases.

Police sure took there own sweet time in arresting this POS....

UPDATE: Father arrested and charged with the death of his infant daughter

Reported by: Chris Papst
Contributor: Nate Wardle

Published: 2:40 pm Share Updated: 4:16 pm

A Lancaster County man has been arrested for killing his own infant daughter.

It took more than a year but police have arrested the father who they say killed his daughter who was 5-months-old.

“Quite frankly, I’m happy because he’s not fit to be a father,” stated former roommate William Vinkadich.

On April 12, 2011, William Vinkavich was roommates with William Moore. They lived on the 700 block of North Reservoir Street in Lancaster City.

On that day, Moore’s five-month-old daughter died of asphyxiation. At first, Moore told police he was sleeping and accidentally rolled over on the child.

But now Moore has been arrested for intentionally killing his daughter. Police say Moore laid on top of the infant to stop her from crying.

The 24-year-old was already serving time in jail for an unrelated crime when police charged him with homicide.

“Personally, these types of crimes after 31 years literally make me angry and make me disgusted,” stated Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler. “And to me this is the lowest level of human depravity.”

According to the affidavit, Moore did admit to intentionally lying on top of his daughter because he was frustrated that she kept crying.

Lancaster City Police arrested William R. Moore Jr., 24 of Lancaster, Thursday for the death of his daughter. Aurora Heiney-Moore, five-months-old, died on April 12, 2011.

Moore was already in prison on unrelated charges and was charged with homicide on Thursday. The charges follow a thorough investigation by the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office and Lancaster Police.

That investigation began on April 12 when officers were called to 731-A North Reservoir Street in Lancaster for an infant who was not breating. Police and medical personnel were not able to revived the infant, who was pronounced dead at the scene by the Coroner’s Office.

William Moore Jr. was the father of Aurora Heiney-Moore.

A Forensic Pathologist, Wayne Ross, performed an autopsy and found that the death was a homicide.