Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In Memoriam - 2013

I have updated the tallies of U.S. children killed (or "allegedly" killed) by fathers in situations involving custody/visitation to 12/31/2013 (see page tabs to the left).

Here are the names of the children I have found that were killed in the past calendar year. Rest in peace, little ones. And may you find justice.

Maliyah Tashay Lindsay (20 months)

Mia Lopez (5 years)

Matthew Hernandez (9 years)

Ayden Baskay (20 months)

Aidyn Burton (10 months)

Susana Castrillon (8 years)

Sebastian Castrillon (7 years)

Alexandra Brown (10 years)

Jayden Antonio Villegas-Morales (2 years)

Jayceon Davis (2 months)

Emani Moss (10 years)

Eric Forbes (12 years)

Gizzell Ford (8 years)

Karla Iquez (5 years)

KaiMya Jelks (17 months)

Matthew Tarto (16 years)

Maleah Bush (23 months)

Markell Beasley (6 years)

Joshua Savyon (9 years)

Kirill Kanarikov (3 years)

Levon Wamelling (9 months)

Mathew Theurer (14 months)

Michael Ayers (2 years)

Camryn Shultz (1 year)

Aleida Christiane Depina (10 years)

Jayden Clay (2 months)

Kaden Perkins (11 months)

Anastasia Williams (3 years)

Chance Drew (2 years)

Aiyden Lewis (18 months)

Talon Vermillion (18 months)

Deron Darnell Love, Jr. (7 months)

David Sherrill (13 years)

...And all the other children whose names were never reported or were "lost" in the news cycle.