Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dad gets 30 years for subjecting wife, 5 kids to ten years of "horrific abuse" (Sheboygan, Wisconsin)

Really, this was nothing short of torture of the worst kind. Yet the authorities are often afraid to label it as such when the torturer is the father or partner of the victims.

This waste of so-called human being is identified as LAO JIN.

The truly scary part? This sh**head also has a "mental health counseling background." Wonder how many other people he as f***ed up over the years.

What is posted below is just a fraction of the original article. Check out the link below to see more.

Sheboygan father's abuse brings prison term

40-year-old gets 30 years for 'environment of fear'

Dec. 20, 2013

  Lao Jin sentenced 30-years for abuse to his family: Lao Jin sentenced 30-years for abuse to his family that happened over a 10-year period.

Written by Josh Lintereur
Gannett Wisconsin Media

SHEBOYGAN — A judge on Friday sentenced 40-year-old Lao Jin to 30 years in prison for subjecting his wife and five children to more than a decade of horrific abuse and mental torment.

In issuing the sentence, Judge Timothy Van Akkeren said the case was unlike anything he’d seen in 24 years on the bench, pointing to the depraved ways in which Jin used his mental health counseling background to terrorize his family.

Van Akkeren said that Jin’s long list of offenses — which included locking one child in a wooden box, driving skewers under another child’s fingernails, dumping a bucket of urine on one child’s head and regularly threatening to kill them — called for “very strong response” from the court that gives his family time to recover.

“The defendant has taken so much from the lives of so many,” Van Akkeren said. “He’s sentenced them to a life of having to live with what he’s put them through, and it’s something that will be extremely difficult for them to overcome.”

Jin’s prison sentence was 10 years longer than what the state recommended. It will be followed by 28 years of extended supervision, which would place him under the watch of the state corrections system until he’s in his mid-90s.

The 2½-hour sentencing hearing was held before a courtroom packed with more than 50 of the victims’ friends and family.

Assistant District Attorney Joel Urmanski recounted abuse that began when Jin’s children weren’t yet school age and how the worst of it happened while his wife was away.

One child had a dog shock collar placed around his neck and was later hung by a nail in the basement with his arms tied above his head.

The kids were also regularly beaten with a bamboo rod, choked and punched and kicked.

Urmanski said Jin once sprayed a high pressure hose into his son’s mouth. On another occasion, he cut his son’s hands with a knife.

The abuse would come with little warning or provocation, and occurred almost daily, Urmanski said.

Meanwhile, the abuse often went a step further, Urmanski said, as Jin would play with his kid’s minds, insulting them, writing derogatory words on their faces with a marker and then pitting them against one another.