Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dad accused of banging head of 5-year-old daughter into pavement (Pasadena, Texas)

Somehow this sounds like a visitation situation....

Dad is identified as MIGUEL DIAZ.

Pasadena man accused of banging daughter's head into pavement

Updated at 08:18 PM today

Miguel Diaz, 44, is charged with injury to a child

PASADENA, TX (KTRK) -- A Pasadena man is in custody, accused of banging his daughter's head against the pavement on Christmas morning.

Miguel Diaz, 44, is charged with injury to a child. According to Pasadena police, at around midnight, Diaz was driving with his three children in the car when for some reason, he pulled over near Preston and Washington, took his five-year-old daughter out of the car and started to bang her head against the pavement.

Police say a passer-by saw what was happening, called police and detained Diaz until they arrived.

The girl was taken to the hospital, where we're told her injuries are not life-threatening. The other two children were taken to the hospital by police until their mother could arrive.

CPS took four children from the home and put them in the care of their aunt.

Diaz is in custody on a $35,000 bond.