Monday, December 16, 2013

Dad blames fatal injuries of 18-month-old son on bike riding fall (Abha, Saudi Arabia)

I wonder how you say "dumbass" in Arabic. UNNAMED DAD would have us believe that an 18-month-old boy died from burns on his chest, bites on his chest, crushed lungs, and severe head trauma--all from a fall suffered while the boy (scarcely a baby, really) was riding a bike. REALLY DUDE?

Doctors reject Asir father’s claim on son’s fatal injuries

Last updated: Monday, December 16, 2013 12:08 AM
Abdullah Al-Yahya Okaz/Saudi Gazette

ABHA — Doctors who treated an infant who died at Asir Central Hospital on Tuesday has rejected his father’s justifications for the injuries that caused his death.

Ameen, who was barely 18 months old, was brought to the hospital with severe signs of abuse. He died in the early hours of Tuesday and the body was taken to the morgue until the completion of investigations.

A source told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that when the infant was brought to the hospital his heart had already stopped.

His pulse returned after doctors tried resuscitating him for 45 minutes. However, he remained in a coma for two days until he died.

The source attributed the infant’s death to severe head trauma. There were several burn marks on his chest, bites on the abdomen and the lungs were crushed.

The source said the infant’s father, who has four wives and 25 children, claimed Ameen sustained these injuries after falling from a bicycle he was riding.

Responding to suggestions he was responsible for his son’s death, the father said he was shocked over what happened to the infant and that he could never harm him in this way.

Doctors said the child was too young to ride a bicycle and could not have sustained such injuries from riding one.

Psychiatrist and member of the Domestic Violence Committee in Asir Central Hospital, Dr. Sultan Al-Thowban, said the infant was subjected to first-degree violence.

He said the hospital informed the Family Protection Committee of the case.

Meanwhile, chairman of the Human Rights Commission’s (HRC) Asir branch Dr. Hadi Al-Yami said his organization and other authorities are monitoring the investigation.

He said the commission prepared a detailed report on the violence Ameen was subjected to.

Spokesman for Asir Police Lt. Col. Abdullah Al-Shaathan confirmed police received a report on the arrival of a male infant who eventually died from his severe injuries at the hospital.

Investigations are still ongoing, he said.