Friday, December 20, 2013

Dad with history of domestic violence takes wife and children hostage, threatens to kill them (Goochland, Virginia)

Another one of those Daddy Drama police standoffs. Fortunately, Mom and all the kids were able to escape from the home before Daddy could shoot them all or burn the house down. In the end, the only one who ended up dead was Daddy, as he shot himself as the police were entering the house.

Dad is identified as MICHAEL FULLER.

Court docs show Goochland father involved in stand off had a violent past

Posted: Dec 10, 2013 12:53 PM EST
Updated: Dec 10, 2013 6:02 PM EST

By Mike Valerio Updated by Ashley Monfort

GOOCHLAND, VA (WWBT) - A Goochland father of three is dead after shooting himself during a standoff with police.

42-year-old Michael Fuller died Tuesday morning hours after Goochland deputies say he barricaded himself inside his home after threatening his wife and children with a gun.

This is not the first time Fuller is accused of attacking his wife. Goochland Sheriff James Agnew said his deputies have been called to the home on Fayette Road in Manakin Sabot before for domestic disputes, and court records show the children have even witnessed it.

Sheriff Agnew says Fuller threatened his estranged wife and children with a gun. He wasn't supposed to be at the home.

"He had apparently gone down to the breaker box and pulled the breaker so the house was primarily dark," says Sheriff Agnew.

Deputies say Mrs. Fuller was able to escape with one child, but two children were left inside the home with their father. As deputies were trying to negotiate with Mr. Fuller, those two children were able to escape and one shot was fired.

Deputies say they don't know if Mr. Fuller was aiming for the children or if it was a warning. The sheriff says they only spoke to Mr. Fuller once on the phone.

"He wanted his wife to come back into the house and obviously that was something that would not have been wise," says Sheriff Agnew.

Fuller set a couch on fire and that's when deputies went inside with a K-9 unit.

"As the dog went into the room he placed the gun onto his head and pulled the trigger," says Sheriff Agnew.

Because neighbors are separated by acres, many people didn't even know this was happening.

"You're sad and you're sorry, it's just too devastating to even know what to say," says Pam McWaters who lives a few house down. She said she met the Fullers when they first moved to the neighborhood years ago.

Court records from June show deputies were called after Mr. Fuller pushed his wife multiple times. According to the criminal complaint, "He kicked her backward into the fire place mantel." The children saw the whole thing. There was even this temporary emergency protective order that expired in July.

Sheriff Agnew says his wife and three children are now staying with other family members.