Monday, December 2, 2013

Dad on trial for abducting 11-day-old premature daughter; baby found motionless and covered in feces (Canada)

Yet another example of temper tantrum Daddy Drama bullsh**.

This baby could have died from Daddy's little stunt. As a premature infant, the baby needed to be fed every three hours. She was obviously in shock and generally bad shape by the time Daddy got caught. Probably the only reason she did survive is that the police rushed her to the hospital themselves instead of waiting for the paramedics.

Daddy is identified as COLLIN JAMES LAWRENCE.

Trial begins for father accused of abducting baby girl

December 2, 2013 - 8:36pm


BARRINGTON — An RCMP officer described in court Monday how he saw a newborn baby slumped in the back of an SUV at the side of Highway 104 near Oxford two years ago.

The 11-day-old baby girl was covered in feces. She was in a forward-facing car seat but had not been strapped in. She was purple and her head was hanging down.

Collin James Lawrence, 46, is charged with abducting his infant daughter on Sept. 21, 2011, from the home in Jordan Ferry, Shelburne County, he shared with his wife of three months, the baby’s mother, Satyn Nickerson, 29.

He’s also charged with damaging a phone.

Lawrence’s trial began Monday in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Barrington before Justice Gregory Warner.

Lawrence is representing himself and remains in custody after failing to appear for trial in September. He was arrested in Quebec last month and flown back to Nova Scotia.

Edward Drennan was a member of the Oxford RCMP detachment on Sept. 21, 2011. He and other Mounties were watching for Lawrence’s SUV.

Police were less than five minutes from issuing Nova Scotia’s first Amber Alert when they received word from the Cobequid Pass toll plaza that the SUV had just rolled through, heading west.

Police set up a checkpoint at Exit 6 at Oxford and spotted the suspect GMC vehicle headed their way.

“It was slowing down,” Drennan said, but it did not stop where he wanted it to.

“I yelled out … ‘Stop!’” he said.

Officers were on both sides of the SUV and saw the motionless baby in the back. A baby bottle was nearby.

They told Lawrence to shut off the engine.

“I opened the door … and took him out myself,” Drennan told Crown attorney Josie McKinney.

Two Mounties decided not to wait for paramedics. They grabbed the car seat, put it in their police car and raced to the Amherst hospital, with Drennan driving and the other officer in the back with the baby.

They took a baby bottle, and notes alluded to in court Monday said the infant was “feeding vigorously” on the way to the hospital. Once there, medical staff tried to warm the purple baby and began bathing it, court was told.

Evidence revealed that Lawrence had grabbed the infant hours earlier in Jordan Ferry and bolted, placing her in the SUV with no car seat.

Lawrence is said to have bought a car seat, a baby bottle, some infant formula and baby wipes during a stop at a Walmart in New Minas.

Police discovered a telephone had been ripped from the kitchen wall at Lawrence’s residence in Jordan Ferry.

The baby’s mother sat at the kitchen table telling police her husband had taken the baby by force.

Nickerson testified Monday that her baby had been born almost a month premature, weighing in at four pounds eight ounces.

Baby and mother spent a week in hospital and then a couple of days at her mother’s house before returning to the couple’s home in Jordan Ferry.

Lawrence had taken a nap that day and had an afternoon doctor’s appointment to try to get help with stress and an application for paternity leave.

Lawrence wanted his wife and infant daughter to go to the medical appointment with him. Nickerson said no, the baby was asleep, and they would be there when he returned.

He became angry and picked up the baby, which began to cry. Nickerson took the baby and Lawrence grabbed it out of her arms.

“We were standing nose to nose,” she said.

Lawrence then snatched his wife’s cellphone, ripped the other phone off the wall and dashed out the front door with Nickerson in pursuit.

Lawrence laid the infant on the front seat of his SUV and went around to the driver’s door while Nickerson opened the passenger door.

Lawrence started the engine and threw the SUV into reverse, with the open passenger door almost knocking his wife to the ground.

Lawrence stopped, the door slammed shut and he drove away with the baby still on the front seat. Nickerson said she had no idea where Lawrence was headed.

The baby had probably been fed an hour or so before she was snatched, and she needed to be fed every three hours.

Nickerson said she was told her baby lost seven ounces of body weight during the ordeal. Mother and daughter were reunited at the Amherst hospital sometime after 3 a.m. the next morning.

The trial continues today.