Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dad kills 18-month-old son in murder-suicide after losing custody battle (United Arab Emirates)

Just goes to show that the problem of abuser/control-freak dads who must "own" the children By Any Means Necessary is hardly unique to particular countries in the west. Whether you're in the United Arab Emirates or the United States, the problem is the same. Too many abusers see murder and custody as just different options to the same goal: to hurt the mother and exercise the Ultimate Control.


Dad jumps to death with baby after losing custody

By Staff
Published Sunday, December 08, 2013

An Algerian man, angered by his loss of a legal battle to take custody of his 18-month-old son, went to his ex-wife, snatched the child and hurried to the top of the building before jumping to his death with the boy, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The father, in his 30s, had a heated argument with his divorcee at her apartment in the building after losing a court custody case in the Northwestern town of Wahran.

“In a moment of anger, he snatched his son off his ex-wife, went to the top of the building and jumped down without giving a chance to anyone to try and talk to him…he and his son died on impact,” the Algerian Arabic language daily Al Shuruq said.