Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dad gets 10-year prison sentence for attempted murder of 2-month-old daughter (China)

Dad YIN ZHIHE tried to kill the baby by inserting multiple needles into her body. Sick, sick, sick....

Father tries to kill his own daughter in Heilongjiang

Xinhua 2013-12-25 15:51 (GMT+8)

A court in northeastern China's Heilongjiang province has sentenced a man to ten years in prison for attempting to kill his daughter.

Yin Zhihe inserted a needle into his two-month-old daughter's body on Aug. 4 this year, suspecting the girl was not his daughter, the court said on Monday. A DNA test has since confirmed Yin is the biological father of the girl.

The girl was taken to hospital the next day and had the needle removed from her body. Yet Yin inserted three more needles into the girl's body from Aug. 15 to 17. Though all the needles were retrieved during an operation on Aug. 23, they have caused multiple organ injuries and respiratory failure.

The court added that it dispensed leniency to Yin on consideration that he turned himself in to the police and that he didn't succeed in killing the child.