Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prosecutors: Gang-member dad threw 3-week-old daughter, killing her (Cicero, Illinois)

Oh sure. Daddy JORGE GALVEZ really "loved that baby." That's why he threw her headfirst into her crib, and then refused to let the mother call the police. Poor Daddy was just so aggravated by all that baby crying and Mom "yelling" and all. He just couldn't help it, you know. He was so "loving" and concerned that he then went to sleep for six hours. He only called police when HIS (enabler) mother told him to. The baby was dead by then.

None of this is surprising (except to his enabler mother) when you check out his record: gang member with a rap sheet that includes domestic violence charges (dropped) and assault charges (also dropped when Daddy threatened to kill the man so he was a no-show at court).

And the police want to know why Mom didn't do more? How about she was scared to death of this guy? I'd be. He's a complete social menace who should have been locked up a long time ago.

We've posted on this case a couple of times in the last few days. Hat tip to Annie for this latest.


Dad charged in baby's death

CICERO Prosecutors say teen threw his crying 3-week-old girl

March 23, 2010
BY KIM JANSSEN Staff Reporter kjanssen@suntimes.com
A teenage dad became so enraged by his girlfriend's yelling and their newborn daughter's crying that he threw the baby headfirst at her crib, killing her, authorities charged Monday.

Jorge Galvez, 19, faces two counts of first-degree murder in the death of 3-week-old Lilliana early Saturday at the family's apartment in Cicero.

Galvez dropped the baby, Assistant Cook County State's Attorney Colin Simpson said. Then, when the baby kept crying and the girl's mother Sabrina Banda shouted at him, he threw the baby, hitting her head, Simpson said.

Ignoring Banda's requests that he call police, Galvez then went to sleep for six hours, Simpson said.

It was only after he awoke Saturday afternoon that he called his mother -- and she told him to contact police -- that an ambulance was finally sent to the family's home in the 1600 block of 50th Court, Simpson said.

Lilliana was dead when help arrived, police said.

It is unclear why Banda didn't do more to help the baby, police said.

Galvez is "very confused right now," said Assistant Public Defender Parle Roe-Taylor, suggesting the death may have been accidental. "He's very upset by what happened to his daughter."

Judge James Gavin ordered him held without bail.

Court records show Galvez's cousin pressed domestic abuse charges against him in April last year, but the charges were dropped.

He also beat a 2008 assault case after a man he allegedly threatened to kill failed to show up in court, and had a 2007 disorderly conduct charge dismissed, records show, though he was convicted of underage drinking last year.

Cicero Police Chief Lori Lelis said Galvez was an admitted gang member.

But Galvez's mother, Leticia Monroy, questioned Banda's credibility, saying she can't believe her son could hurt his daughter.

She said her son sobbed during his call to her Saturday.

"He loved that baby," she said.