Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dad gets 15 years to life for killing 4-week-old son (Hamilton County, Ohio)

Dad TYLER COGGINS SR. has been convicted of murder and felonious assault in the beating death of his 4-week-old son. This moron admits that he "popped" the baby in the head, but he didn't "punch" the child, no sir. Oh, and he didn't "intend" to kill him. Even though he had wanted the mother to get an abortion or put the child in foster care.


Dad gets 15 years to life for killing infant
By Kimball Perry • kperry@enquirer.com • March 23, 2010

A young father convicted of beating his 4-week-old son to death was sent to prison Tuesday for 15 years to life.

That was the sentence imposed on Tyler Coggins Sr. by Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge John “Skip” West.

Coggins was convicted last month by West, who heard the trial without a jury, of murder and felonious assault.

Coggins testified in the trial that he hit his son – Terrell Coggins – but didn’t intend to kill the infant.

“I popped the baby in the head. I was stressing," Coggins told Nadia Alexander, a girlfriend, in a taped call. "It was like a smack. I didn't punch him or no (thing) like that. I was stressing ... I made a mistake and I admit it."

The child’s head was fractured in two places. A coroner testified the child had four separate areas of bleeding on the brain, which couldn’t be caused by a single strike, and couldn’t have happened in a fall.

Coggins was 19 and didn’t want the second child he had with Alexander. Their two children were born 11 months apart.

Coggins, 20, of Paddock Hills, asked Alexander to abort the second child or put him in foster care. She refused. He was convicted of killing the baby weeks later.

After that, Coggins told her, “Now we can be a family,” she testified. From jail, he asked her how long she would wait for him.