Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dad shoots wife, the mother of their 3 children, in attempted murder-suicide (Lansing, Michigan)

UNNAMED DAD shot his wife (or ex-wife--the police don't seem to know), then shot himself. The father is dead, the mother is "fighting for her life." They had 3 children together--and at least one child was home at the time of the shooting. Guess Dad didn't much care about robbing these children of their mother, or exposing them to the trauma of his bloody violence right within their home. And the cops scratch their head, and can't figure out the motive. Seems pretty clear to me--it's the usual abuser control freak thing.

But we're assured that there is "no need to fear." Maybe if you're a guy. But women are more likely to be killed by an "intimate" than some random home invader, so some of us do have reason to fear. But instead of addressing the real issues related to domestic violence, this article indulges in patronizing "move right along folks--nothing to worry about" platitudes. This doesn't benefit anyone. Except those who benefit from ignorance, which are mostly abusers and those who enable them.


Local Woman Clings to Life After Attempted Murder Suicide
Posted: Mar 30, 2010 5:15 AM CDT

A man is dead and a woman is fighting for her life after an attempted murder suicide. It happened just before 7:30 Monday night at the Village Town homes, on the 5800 block of Haag in South Lansing. But, police say the community has no need to fear.

On a brisk March night, at the Village Town homes in Lansing, a family was destroyed.

"I had gone out the back door to try and get one of the cats in the house and heard the first shot." Resident Raini Majeske said. She then heard a women scream, followed by two more shots.

"That's when I went out the back door and noticed the bodies laying in the parking lot. I ran over to see if I could help anyone and the gun was laying there."

Police said the bodies were those of a man and women in their late thirties, who have three kids together. They said man died at the scene, but the woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

"There is indication that they were either married or divorced or going through a separation at this time, but it's too early to tell." Captain Mike Yankowski, of the Lansing Police Department, explained. He said it appeared the man shot the women than killed himself.

But, police are still trying to figure out why.

"There's no reason to believe there is another shooter or somebody that was responsible for the incident that we haven't located yet." Yankowski said.

Which is why Majeske said she's not scared... just a little shaken up.

"We're not scared, we're shocked. This is a relatively safe neighborhood. Never had an issue like this and I doubt we ever will again."

The incident is still under investigation. Police say they hope to learn the motive for this tragedy very soon.

Police will not release the names of the victims or the ages of their kids. At least one of the kids was home at the time... they are being interviewed by police.