Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dad sentenced to life in prison for killing infant daughter; previously served time for abusing infant son (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

After suffocating his 1-month-old son for crying (the boy didn't die but suffered injuries from the lack of oxygen), dad WILLIS JOE LAMBERT JR. was sentenced to 9 years in prison. That was back in 1998. Then Daddy gets out of prison and apparently finds some naive young woman and has a baby with her. This time, Daddy was successful in murdering the baby. This rotten SOB violently shook the 6-month-old baby to death because she "resisted getting dressed after a bath." WTF? And why was this rotten SOB ever allowed around kids again?

Father Sentenced For Killing Daughter
Suspect Also Spent Time In Prison For Abusing Son

POSTED: 10:52 am CDT March 31, 2010
UPDATED: 11:19 am CDT March 31, 2010

OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma City man who served nine years in prison for abusing his infant son has been sentenced to life without parole for killing his infant daughter.

Thirty-eight-year-old Willis Joe Lambert Jr. pleaded guilty Monday to first-degree murder in the June 2009 death of 6-month-old Rachel Lambert. Court documents said he admitted he violently shook the girl when she resisted getting dressed after a bath.

Records show Lambert was released from prison in 2008 after serving nine years for abusing his son in 1998. Police said he placed a rag over the 1-month-old boy's mouth because he was crying and that the child suffered injuries from lack of oxygen.