Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dad kidnaps kids, shoots at officers, ends his life (Swainesboro, Georgia)

Dad WILLIE SCOTT, JR. kidnapped 3 children--one that was "his own" and 2 stepkids--and then started firing a gun at a police cruiser in pursuit. He then stopped his vehicle and shot himself to death--all while the children were still in the car. The vehicle then rolled into a ditch.

Thanks goodness this idiot didn't decide to "take out" the kids too, who were left physically unharmed by the ordeal.

It's interesting to me that only one of these children was the kidnapper's biological progeny. Which suggests to me that violent control was more of a motive than "daddy time" with his kids. This is basically true of all paternal kidnappings.

Authorities: Father Kidnaps Children, Shoots at Officers, Ends His Life
Published: March 24, 2010

SWAINESBORO, Ga.—One man is dead after authorities say he kidnapped three children: one of his own, and his two step children

Swainsboro Police and the Emanuel County Sheriff’s office say 41-year-old Willie Scott, Jr. kidnapped the children around 1 a.m. Wednesday. Authorities issued a look out, and an Amber Alert.

About 20 minutes later, the mother called 911 to report that Scott was at a residence in the Oak Grove Community with the children.

Authorities responded to find Scott leaving the residence with the children in his vehicle. As they pursued him, he turned and began to fire repeatedly, hitting a police cruiser several times. Officers did not return fire due to the proximity of the children.

The pursuit continued to Brinson Cemetery Road, where Scott lives, and then onto Brantley Loop. According to police, Scott continued to fire at officers.

Police then say Scott stopped the car on Stanley Grove Road, and took his own life with the children still inside the vehicle. Officers heard a single gunshot, and the vehicle then rolled into a ditch.

The children were found safe and unharmed inside of the car, and were returned to their mother.

The case has been turned over to the GBI for further investigation.