Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cherish Our Children: Judge Frederick Crow hands over 5-year-old girl to sexually abusive father (Scioto County, Ohio)

We just posted on this case yesterday.

Seems that the March 30 hearing before Judge Frederick W. Crow III was an utter disaster. With no prior order or motion before him, and without notice to the mother as to why she was called to court, the judge handed over the 5-year-old child to the father's mother, who, after a week, will hand her off to the father down in Florida. The substantiated child sexual abuse evidence naming the father as the alleged abuser has never been heard.

For Dastardly readers who want to know more and take action, I highly recommend the Cherish the Children website. Here's a snippet:

Who We Are: is group of local, state, and national organizations and individuals who have united to collectively express their concerns wherein it is believed that justice officials have not acted in the best interest of abused children. Cherish Our Children carefully reviews documented facts of every case and only comments on and posts documented facts, statements, and news stories. is dedicated to Cherish Lewis and her daughter as well as all other abused children who remain helpless, endangered, and denied access to justice.

We stand in unwavering support of Ms. Cherish Lewis and her five year old daughter. We hear their cries. We lift up the justice of their cause. We rally to bring a swift end to this families’ injustice.

We strongly protest that an innocent mother remains imprisoned for the mere act of protecting her child from known danger. This five year old child remains in hiding to preserve her life from harm. The perpetrator of abuse remains free.

We elect these officials to protect the public, and thereby the safety of this child. We call the public to hold our officials accountable when they fail to protect.

Please act in the conscience you would for your own child. Reunite this mother and child.
We invite you to join us in future rallies to help bring a swift end to this families’ injustice.
A growing list of Victims Rights Attorneys, Activists, Organizations from around the country and throughout Ohio are providing their support and expertise: Cynthia Cheatham, Staci Dietrich, Wendy Murphy, Robin Sax, Action Ohio, Biker’s Against Child Abuse, Helpline of Delaware and Morrow Counties, National Organization for Women, PAVE Survivor Justice, The Justice League of Ohio, Kourts for Kids…and many individuals.

If you are as outraged as we are call and send your comments to those who are responsible:

Judge Frederick W. Crow, III
100 E. Second St. Pomeroy, OH 45769 P: 740-992-6439
Marty V. Donini, Sheriff
Scioto County Sheriff's Office 1025 Sixteenth Street
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

Jane Castor, Tampa PD Chief of Police
One Police Center , 411 N. Franklin St. Tampa, FL 33602 P: 813-276-3200

Frank McCoy, Oceanside PD Chief of Police
3855 Mission Avenue Oceanside, CA 92054 P: 760-435-4450