Monday, March 22, 2010

Dad admits assault on newborn son; says baby "hated him" (Flintshire, Wales, United Kingdom)

UNNAMED DAD has admitted assaulting his newborn son (less than 10 weeks of age) at least THREE TIMES, causing grievous bodily harm (fractured skull, 6 fractured ribs, broken bone in his right foot, bruising to head and body)

And it seems this Daddy has a relatively new excuse, at least for a newspaper account. He didn't get "frustrated" or "snap" or anything. No, he was jealous of the way the baby "would settle with his mother," but not with Daddy. So in Daddy's twisted mind, this meant the baby "hated him," which I suppose made this sicko Dad feel justified in beating him.

Makes me wonder how many dads do abuse the babies because they are jealous of the biological connection between mothers and infants. Probably more than the news articles let on.

Page last updated at 15:04 GMT, Monday, 22 March 2010

Flintshire man jailed for assaulting baby son

A man who admitted assaulting his baby son has been jailed for four-and-a-half years at Mold Crown Court.

The man, 34, of Broughton, Flintshire, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted grievous bodily harm charges.

He admitted two further assaults on the child, who was less than 10 weeks old at the time. Injuries included a fractured skull and broken ribs.

The court heard the man had the irrational belief his son hated him but was genuinely remorseful and ashamed.

The court was told that the man would become angry at the way his the child would settle with his mother, but not with him.

The baby's mother took him to a well baby clinic last November, concerned that he was unwell. A health visitor became worried, a doctor was called and the child was referred to the Countess of Chester Hospital, the court heard.

Examinations and X-rays showed the baby had a fractured skull, six fractured ribs, a broken bone in his right foot, and bruising to the head and body.

'Rib fractures'

Emmalyn Downing, prosecuting, said both mother and father were arrested. When interviewed, the man said he did not cause the injuries and had no explanation for them, but a couple of weeks later he walked into his local police station and said that he wanted to confess.

Judge John Rogers QC said: "There were several rib fractures, his skull was fractured, he had a fracture to the bone in his foot.

"In addition there was an injury to his mouth and bruising to his forehead.

"Those injuries had been caused during several separate assaults."

Karl Scholz, defending, said that the man had described "what could only be said to be an irrational belief that the baby in some way hated him".

He said his client had no convictions, was genuinely remorseful and ashamed.

An order was made in court that the victim should not be identified.