Monday, April 14, 2014

Dad arrested for throwing car seat with child inside; arrested last November for DUI with kids (Nashville, Tennessee)

It's obvious that the parents are no longer a couple.

But did dad JOSEPH SKINNER still have custodial rights after the first DUI incident, the one where he was intoxicated when dropping a child off at school--while also having a 2-year-old
in the car? And what was the warrant for?

Was this the mother's idea that Daddy should still have contact? Or the family court's idea?

This nitwit should seriously be kept from having any access in the future. Period.

Police: Dad arrested after throwing car seat with child inside

Posted: Apr 14, 2014 6:58 AM EDT Updated: April 14, 2014 5:25 PM CDT

By Joseph Pleasant, Reporter

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A father arrested last year for DUI outside a south Nashville elementary school was arrested again over the weekend after police say he threw a child's car seat with the child still strapped in it.

Joseph Skinner was arrested Sunday night and charged with child endangerment.

Police said Skinner, 31, got into an argument with the child's mother and her boyfriend in a parking lot. During the argument, Skinner unbuckled the child's car seat and, with the child still in it, threw it out of the car.

Police found the little boy with markings on his back. He was taken to Summit Medical Center where he was treated for injuries to his back.

Skinner was booked into the Metro jail on $80,000 bond.

He was the only person arrested in connection with the incident.

According to police records, Skinner was a passenger in an SUV his wife was driving, along with the baby's mother and her boyfriend.

An argument started in the vehicle and Skinner's wife pulled over in the parking lot of a business on Old Hickory Boulevard.

That is when police report a physical fight broke out inside the vehicle between the adults. During the fight is when police said Skinner unhooked the baby's car seat and tossed it out of the car into the parking lot.

Officers were called to the parking lot by a fight in progress call, but when they arrived Skinner was gone. Metro police arrested him later in a different location.

News 2 attempted to contact the baby's mother, but we were unable to reach her by phone.

"I would be horrified if that happened to my child," mother of a 2-year-old daughter Lauren Smith said. "That just seems like a heartless person to me."

Last November, Skinner was arrested outside Tusculum Elementary School after the school's principal saw him staggering around the parking lot.

Skinner had just dropped off one of his children at the school.

Responding officers found Skinner intoxicated with his two-year-old child in his car.

According to arrest records, Skinner told the officers he had taken oxycodone and soma. He was found guilty of DUI with a child and DUI.

He also had an outstanding fugitive warrant from Georgia at the time.

Skinner is due in court April 17th for his latest arrest.