Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dad charged with murder for 1-year-old son's drowning death (Houston, Texas)

Dad is identified as ENRIQUE ALBERTO MACHADO.


Father Charged with Murder in 1-Year-Old Son’s Drowning Death

Apr 29, 2014 By News 92 FM

(HOUSTON) — A Houston dad is charged with murder for allegedly drowning his son in a bathtub.

According to the court documents, truck driver Enrique Alberto Machado, 37, was possibly intoxicated when his 1-year-old son died Saturday.

Machado told Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies he had six beers with friends after returning from Colorado and fell asleep in the bathroom, and he repeated many times that he was responsible for everything.

The child’s mother told deputies she went into the bathroom and found baby Carlos Machado floating face-up under the water, and her boyfriend was still asleep next to the tub.

The baby was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital-West Houston Campus where he was pronounced dead at 11:46 a.m.

A medical examiner ruled the boy’s death a drowning homicide.