Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dad arrested for burning 6-week-old daughter (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Sounds like dad REID ALLEN has abused this baby from birth. Wonder if he was a primary caretaker. He sure seemed to have a lot of time alone with the baby.

Infant Suffers Severe Burns | Father Arrested for Child Abuse

Updated: Wed 12:13 PM, Apr 23, 2014

A Lincoln man is facing charges after police say his six week old child turned up at the hospital with burns.

According to police, on April 16, 20-year-old Reid Alden called 911 after giving his daughter a bath. Police say he reported her skin was burned and peeling off her body.

The child was taken to the hospital burn unit from her home near 14th and Superior Street.

Police say she remains hospitalized with partial and full thickness burns over 62 percent of her body. Her injuries are considered life threatening. If she survives, she will need ongoing treatment for a upwards of 60 days and will have permanent scarring.

Through further hospital examination, police say a chest x-ray revealed three healing rib fractures, highly suggestive of abuse.

At this point in the investigation, police say the injuries sustained on April 16 and the healing injuries, which occurred approximately one month prior, were at the hands of her father.

Alden turned himself in Tuesday morning at LPD headquarters. He was accompanied by his attorney.

Court documents show he told investigators he didn't think the water was too hot for the baby. Records also show he admitted to picking the child up forcefully a month ago and squeezed her because of excessive crying. In the court documents he acknowledged he may have squeezed hard enough to break her ribs.

He was booked in the Lancaster County Jail for felony Child Abuse.

Tuesday afternoon he was charged with negligent child abuse resulting in serious injury and was given a $50,000 bond. He is also not allowed to have contact with the victim.

The child's mother said the baby was doing better at the hospital.