Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dad poisons 16-month-old son, smothers him, throws him off bridge (China)

The police account doesn't pass the smell test.

We're supposed to believe that this guy's wife just up and left him and their son because of disagreements over "parenting issues" and because she "didn't make an effort to look after the family."

Then within MERE DAYS of this alleged occurrence, this supposedly normal father (if not being highly intelligent) is a depressed homicidal maniac who poisons the boy with pesticides and him, before dumping him in a bag which he throws off a bridge.

Bull crap.

First of all, this is a classic abuser accusation. She didn't take good care of me. Pure narcissism.

Plus, in the vast majority of cases, these kinds of killers don't suddenly snap. They have been violent and abusive all along.

And how do we know all this about the mother? Daddy's say so? I would just about bet that the mother was abused as well, and driven out of the home. That is, if she was not killed as well....

Dad is identified only as FENG.

Young father poisons toddler, smothers him and throws him from bridge

A 16-month-old toddler named Yu was murdered by his own father, Feng, when the man fed his son pesticides then smothered him with tape to suffocate him upon finding that he was still alive. Wanting to make sure that his son was definitely dead, he put Yu in a bag and threw the bag from a 5-meter-high bridge, according to local reports.

In the early morning of 9th of Sep 2013, a few construction workers, who were working under a bridge in Shenyang, Liaoning province, found a bag containing the body of a baby whose nose, eyes and mouth were all covered by tape.

The police arrived soon after and confirmed the baby’s death. People who were at the scene told reporters that the baby was around 2 years old with chubby cheeks. He was wearing a striped coat and a pair of jeans. Some of his other clothes were inside the bag as well. The police immediately issued a search notice for the dead baby’s relatives. Ten days later, they shockingly confirmed that it was Yu’s father who had killed him.

This horrible killing happened only a few days after Feng’s wife Hong left the family. Feng and Hong got married in 2011 and had baby Yu, who was born with congenital clubfoot in June 2012. The couple had been constantly arguing with each other since Yu was born. Feng had argued with Hong because of her frequent visits to Internet cafes and over parenting issues. He claimed that Hong didn’t make an effort to look after the family. So, not wanting to deal with the volatile marriage, Hong chose to leave Feng and her baby. After Hong left, Feng became very anxious and depressed. Raising the son on his own apparently contributed to the anxiety and depression. On September 8, when Yu was sick and crying all day, Feng felt that he couldn’t deal with the baby anymore and decided to end the crying by killing Yu.

After police questioned Feng and he admitted the crime, they suspected he may have psychological problems. They sent him to Liaoning Forensic Hospital Mental Health Department where doctors were unable to diagnose any apparent mental issues. However, they found that his intelligence level was slightly lower than normal peoples’, and suspected that’s why he couldn’t control himself when he felt the impulse to kill his son. Although Feng confessed to murder, he lacked remorse and, at the time of the killing, he was not aware of the consequences of committing such a horrible crime.

The police concluded that Feng’s unhappy marriage with the boy’s mother Hong and the boy’s congenital clubfoot led to the father’s anxiety, depression and loss of faith in life. The child’s crying had, at the time, fueled his depression and anxiety symptoms more.

Feng has been prosecuted for intentional homicide.

By Mandy Yang