Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dad who murdered two sons was CUSTODIAL and had a history of domestic violence; why was this man allowed around these kids at all??? (Wiltshire, England)

We just posted on killer dad GRAHAM ANDERSON last night. Now we find that this "thug"--in the words of the Daily Mail--was a custodial father, and has been since last May! Had custody less than a year, and slaughtered his two sons in order to punish Mom for being in a new relationship.

Notice that Graham got custody DESPITE an extensive history of domestic violence against the mother! Including multiple assaults that he was even jailed for.

This POS was an unemployed, abusive loser who was extremely controlling. We already know that this is exactly the type who is likely to use the kids to hurt the mother. The research is very clear on this. Abusive partners are at extremely high risk of becoming child abusers or killers--even if they (supposedly) haven't hurt the kids before. Especially after a separation or divorce.

So here's the big question that's left unanswered here. Who allowed this scumbag killer to have custody of two young boys? Who thought that was a good idea? Since they were previously in foster care, somebody must have made the decision to give a battering father custody. Who was it? Let's see the names.


Murdered by their father: Thug kills his sons after their mother finds a new partner

The bodies of Graham Anderson, 36, Bryn, three, and Jack, 11, were found on Saturday

The three were found at Anderson's rented flat in Wiltshire by the landlord

The father had split from Victoria Jones, the mother of the boys, earlier this year

She listed herself as 'in a relationship' just days before the tragedy was discovered

By Nick Fagge

PUBLISHED: 18:24 EST, 2 September 2012 | UPDATED: 18:13 EST, 3 September 2012 .. The violent past of the father who killed his two sons and then himself emerged last night.

Graham Anderson had been jailed last year for attacking the boys’ mother, Victoria Jones.

The bodies of their boys, 11-year-old Jack and three-year-old Bryn, were found at their rented family home in Tidworth, Wiltshire, on Saturday.

Anderson had hanged himself in another room. His landlady made the horrific discovery when she let herself in to the flat to show prospective tenants around.

Police are trying to determine how and when the children died.

Friends say Anderson, an unemployed removal man, was a jealous brute whose 16-year relationship with Miss Jones was punctuated with violence and accusations of infidelity.

The 36-year-old is said to have snapped when he found out she had moved on and settled down with another man.

Everyone knew what he was like,’ said a school friend. ‘He was always violent towards Victoria. He made her life a living hell. They were constantly getting into rows and he would turn really nasty.

'He was a very jealous type. One time after they split up, he went round to her house and smashed the whole place up to get back at her. He broke all the windows.

‘When he found out Victoria was moving on with someone else, something must have just snapped in his brain.’

Anderson was jailed for six months last August for multiple assaults on Miss Jones and a friend he suspected of sleeping with her. Magistrates in Basingstoke, Hampshire, were told he had punched, slapped and pushed the 31-year-old to the ground during a series of violent rows in July last year.

Despite the brutality Miss Jones appealed for clemency for Anderson, telling magistrates she hoped to get the family back together.

However she had recently formed a new relationship and, in the early hours of August 26, changed her status on her Facebook page from single to being in a relationship.

Anderson won custody of his sons in May after they had spent some time in foster care.

Detectives yesterday released a photograph of him in an appeal for help in finding out what he and his sons were doing in the days before they died.

‘It is very important that we establish the movements of Graham Anderson and the boys between Saturday August 25 and Saturday September 1,’ said Detective Chief Inspector Ian Saunders, who is leading the murder investigation.

‘We are gathering CCTV footage from shops in Tidworth and from buses which run through the town.

‘He was a regular bus user and I now need to trace his movements and those of the boys during the week leading up to the discovery of their bodies at lunchtime on Saturday.’

Uniformed officers were still on guard outside the flat yesterday.

Dozens of well-wishers yesterday left flowers and teddy bears at the entrance to the block.