Monday, September 10, 2012

Four babies die this year allegedly by male caretakers (El Paso, Texas)

Well intentioned article, but it really doesn't ask the right questions. Why are we so afraid of directly acknowledging male violence?

Four Babies Die This Year Allegedly by Male Caretakers

Sunday, September 9, 2012 - 22:22

Christina Guerrero Producer

EL PASO, TX — Malachi. Isaiah. Jayla. Neveah

Each one taken too young. Each one allegedly taken by a man in their lives.

One-year old Malachi Cosby died of blunt force trauma on April 9th.

38-year-old Crispen Hansan was arrested for allegedly committing the crime.

Two-year-old Isaiah villanueva was beaten to death on May 11th.

Ever Mendez, the mother's boyfriend was arrested for allegedly the murder.

11-month-old Jayla Beckley was stomped and kicked to death on July 29th and Antonio Lopez, her foster father is in jail for Jayla's capital murder.

Most recently, just two days ago, 11-month-old Neveah Martinez dies.

Police arrested Irving Gomez, 21 on suspicion of capital murder.

Why in six months have at least four babies allegedly died at the hands of their caretakers?

"I believe initially that we are, there's a lack of education and resources available for parents"

Child and family advocate Iliana Perez says thinking can be key to preventing child abuse and deaths from abuse.

"Take that step back. Take that moment to breathe. Figure out, ok is my child ill? Is my child teething? How can I soothe my child without making that initial reaction to aggression?"

Before thinking, Iliana says parents have to have the knowledge.

"When a child is crying a toddler, an infant, they don't have that ability to communicate verbally with a parent and so they cry and out of frustration and lack of knowledge, the parent doesn't know what to do."

It's not just parents who are responsible for preventing these deaths.

"I personally believe that as a community it is our job to be a child's advocate to make sure that and as a parent to make sure all children are safe in their homes."