Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Police: Dad left 3-year-old daughter home alone for 12 hours (Mesa, Arizona)

Notice the subtle clues here. "His apartment." "Nava's apartment." How dad GABRIEL NAVA presumably hired a babysitter to watch "his child."  Obviously there was no mother in this home, or she would have been mentioned. And she probably would have been arrested as well, on some charge related to child neglect. But no. NOT ONE WORD.

So did this neglectful slob have custody? Did the abandonment take place during his visitation? Utter silence....Of course if we keep quiet, we then don't have to say WHO gave this neglectful slob custody/visitation rights, do we?

PD: 3-year-old left home alone for 12 hours

Posted: Sep 11, 2012 5:09 PM CDT Updated: Sep 11, 2012 5:12 PM CDT

By Phil Benson

MESA, AZ (CBS5) - A Mesa father was arrested Sunday on suspicion of leaving his 3-year-old daughter alone and unattended in his apartment.

Gabriel Nava, 32, returned home after 12 hours smelling of alcohol, Mesa police said. Nava admitted to drinking six beers the night before, after leaving the child behind, officers said.

Police were alerted to the situation after a neighbor in the apartment complex found the child wandering in a courtyard Sunday morning.

Officers said when they arrived and entered Nava's apartment, they found it messy and dirty with clothes strewn on the floor of every room, dirty dishes in the kitchen and multiple sharp knives on the counter within reach of the child.

Police said Nava told them he had hired a babysitter to watch his child. When police tracked down the sitter, she told them no such arrangement had ever been made, officers said. The babysitter's story was confirmed by people she was with the previous evening, police said.

Nava was booked into jail on one count of child abuse.