Tuesday, September 18, 2012

During his visitation, Dad beats 2-year-old daughter badly enough to put her in hospital, but complains that he feels "unsafe" in jail (Caroni, Trinidad)

The dad who feels "unsafe" going back to jail is identified as ISAAC SAMAROO. I guess it never occurred to this poor little hothouse flower that if he dislikes jail so much, then perhaps he shouldn't have beaten a 2-year-old girl.

Notice that the parents do not live together, and that the beating took place during visitation with Daddy. We are not told (naturally) whether this vistitation was court-ordered or "voluntary" on Mom's part. Not that "voluntary" means much these days , since mothers are under intense social and legal pressure to "share" with fathers regardless of whether the father is addicted, alcoholic, abusive or what have you.


Man in court charged with beating child

Published: Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A father accused of beating his two-year-old daughter complained yesterday that he felt unsafe going back to jail. He complained after he was denied bail by a Chaguanas magistrate. Isaac Samaroo, 31, a maxi taxi driver of Caroni, who wanted to plead guilty to assaulting his child, Isabella, while she was in his custody, causing her injury, was remanded until today for a fingerprint trace to determine if he had previous convictions or pending matters. Samaroo appeared before Senior Magistrate Gillian Davis-Scotland. The child lives with her mother, Rhonda Samaroo, but was visiting her father at his home on Caroni Road. The incident took place last Friday. He was charged under Section Three, Sub Section One of the Children Act.

When the magistrate read the charge to Samaroo he said: “I want to plead guilty.” He had no lawyer. However, court prosecutor Sgt Deochan Gosine said he had no recommendation on how to proceed. Samaroo was not called on to enter a plea. Gosine objected to bail on the ground he wanted an opportunity to have Samaroo traced. Constable Ronny-Lee Gopaul, the complainant, said the child was severely traumatised and was in and out of hospital. He said Isabella underwent a series of medical examinations. Samaroo, who was shaking, complained to the magistrate he had not been fed for two days while in police custody. The magistrate assured him he would get something to eat yesterday.