Monday, September 24, 2012

Abusive dad suspect in murder of 17-month-old son, 6-year-old stepson, their mother (Demerara, Guyana)

The murdered mother did not "share" an abusive "relationship" with her alleged murderer. She was trapped by an abuser turned killer. She tried to break off with him, but like many control freaks, he was having none of it. So he "allegedly" not only killed mom, but his son and stepson too. Slit their throats in cold blood And yet stupid people still ask why women don't leave these vicious criminals....

Dad is identified only as RUDOLPH.

Mother, two young sons found murdered

September 24, 2012
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23-year-old boyfriend is main suspect

By Bhisham Mohamed

An Anna Catherina businesswoman and her two sons were on Saturday evening found with their throats slit in a bedroom of their two-storey, West Coast Demerara house.

 The gruesome discovery was made about 18:30 by the dead woman’s nephew. The businesswoman was identified as Jennifer Persaud, 41, also called “Jenny”, while her two sons were identified as six-year-old Afridi Bacchus, and 17-month old Jadon Persaud, all of Lot 67 Sea View, Anna Catherina. The woman and her elder son were found on her bed while her younger son was found a few feet away.

According to information, the woman’s reputed husband, Rudolph (only name given) was subsequently taken into police custody as the main suspect, but he is maintaining his innocence. Afridi is the woman’s son from another relationship while the younger child was fathered by the main suspect. Guyana Times understands that the now dead woman shared an abusive relationship with Rudolph, who was reportedly deported from the United States a few years ago. Based on reports gathered, as a result of the constant physical abuse Persaud received from her young boyfriend, she would normally complain to relatives, but just over a week ago, it became unbearable and she put him out of her house. He was not seen in the area for the past five days, but minutes after the discovery, he calmly walked into the yard and enquired what was happening after claiming that he saw a huge crowd.

Relatives suggested that the person who might have committed the murder had access to the house since they believed it was an inside job because there were no signs of forced entry into the huge house, and believe that the woman and her children might have been killed in the wee hours of Saturday.

At the woman’s house on Sunday morning, her four daughters and other relatives were seen sitting disconsolately contemplating their next move. The house was cordoned off by police ranks using yellow crime scene tapes.

A sister of the dead woman recounted that on Saturday morning, her son went to the dead woman’s shop to get some chicken, but it was closed. She said after repeatedly calling for the woman and hearing no response, her son left the premise.

“He called me and tell me that the shop close and no answer. I thought this was unusual because my sister normally open very early for business,” she noted. She said that her son told her that he was going to the barber shop and left the premises. The distraught woman further stated that her first thought was that her sister might have gone out; out of curiosity, she called her sister’s landline telephone but there were no answer.

She said that a few minutes later, her sickly mother telephoned her complaining of not getting through to Jenny and thought that something was amiss. The only remaining sibling said that she promised to visit her sister’s place as soon as her son returned from the barber shop. After a while, her son returned and she, along with other relatives, went to the businesswoman’s place to again find the place locked. At this point in time, relatives became suspicious which prompted the nephew to scale the fence, climb on to a shed and open one of the woman’s bedroom windows. When he jumped into the house, he was greeted by the bloody bodies of the woman and her six-year-old son on the bed. The toddler was found close to the bed in a corner, the sister added.

“My son screamed and with the scream alone, I know something wrong. He tell we to call the police and so we did,” the tearful woman stated. “Within minutes, the police come and cordoned off the place,” she added. She also recalled that about a week ago, her sister received a sound beating from her reputed husband and had decided that she will end the relationship, claiming that she has had enough.

The eldest daughter of the deceased, Amada Ahamad, who was composed, stated that her mother and her stepfather shared a relationship for more than two and a half years and every day they would be at logger-heads. She said that after the last beating, her mother put the main suspect out of the house and later told him that their relationship was over. While, she does not want to speculate, she thinks that being the only other person with keys to the property, her stepfather may have committed the gruesome act. “Based on wah we hear, my mother closed the shop at around 11 o’ clock Friday, so whoever killed them did it after that time,” she added.

Ahamad further stated that the police found two bags of clothes belonging to the man’s son, which suggested that he was contemplating absconding with his son. “We don’t know which man will look at his baby and slit his throat,” she cried. After the discovery, she noted that her stepfather appeared on the scene as if he was unaware of what happened.

“He calmly walked into the yard and enquired the reason for the huge crowd, but no time did he appear to be surprised… he did not break down.” Relatives are hoping that the main suspect will be grilled extensively, so that the truth will be revealed. The woman leaves to mourn her mother, four daughters, and one sister. The remains of the three deceased were taken to the Ezekiel Funeral Home to await post-mortem examinations today.