Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Violent dad was scheduled to appear in court for child support, but killed 1-year-old daughter, her mom instead (Chesterfield, Virginia)

Where do you start with a vicious criminal like STANDFORD SHAW, who murdered his 1-year-old daughter, her mother, and two other innocent people?

Why were the previous charges of arson and murder dismissed?

Why was his previous conviction for assault not taken seriously given the previous allegations of arson and murder?

Given this history, why did it not raise a SERIOUS RED FLAG when he is choking the mother of his infant daughter, when choking is a HIGHLY RELIABLE INDICATOR of future homicidal behavior? What fool thought that tossing Mom an order of protection and giving dad weekend jail time was a good sentence for a chronically dangerous man like this?

So Daddy shoots to death a BABY and the baby's mom, and kills two other people when he crashes his car.

There was clearly a record of escalating violence here which the authorities ignored since it "only" involved women and children.

Then what is the crap about having Daddy pay child support, as if he were some ordinary father going through a divorce? Absolutely dangerous move, as this is the sort of trigger that sets these guys off on a killing spree. Again, he should have been in prison rather than providing him with additional reason to "get revenge" against this innocent baby and her mom.

Court records reveal father's violent past before Chesterfield murders

Posted: Jun 01, 2015 4:01 PM EDT Updated: Jun 01, 2015 6:27 PM EDT

By Ashley Monfort

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - We now know more about the father accused of murdering his estranged girlfriend and their daughter in Chesterfield. Stafford Shaw's violent past is being revealed in court records.

He died after crashing his car while leading police on a chase on I-295. Two people in another car also died.

Now Shaw's family is speaking out and say there is more to the story.

Shaw was actually due in court this Friday for a child support hearing involving Leah, 1, his daughter and the youngest victim. And court documents show there was a history of violence with Leah's mother and another woman.

Months before police discovered the bodies of Morgan Rogers and her daughter Leah inside their Matoaca home, there was this protective order against Leah's father, Shaw. A criminal complaint says Shaw had "...grabbed (Morgan's ) throat and began choking her and bit her nose" and "She blacked out." Shaw was serving jail time on weekends for the assault.

On Friday, police say he murdered Morgan and Leah. He died after leading police on a chase and crashing on I-295.

"I cried out because that's my little," says Shaw's brother Charles Scott. "I know he had did some things but he is still my little brother bottom line, he is still my brother." Scott says his brother wanted to get back with is wife which upset Morgan. Before the crash, Scott says Shaw was on the phone with their sister. "This is what he said: She shot the baby as he was holding her and then the hurt from that, he shot her," says Scott. "There's no way he would have killed the child, there's no way."

But Chesterfield police say evidence shows Shaw shot his estranged girlfriend and their daughter to death. We asked if Scott ever thought his brother was violent. "That's not a side that we've seen," says Scott.

But according to court records, Shaw was found guilty of assaulting another woman seven years ago. In 1989, he was accused of murder and arson in Richmond, but that case was dismissed.

Scott says he would have told his brother to turn himself in.

Funeral arrangement for Morgan and Leah Rogers have not yet been made public.