Sunday, June 21, 2015

Family court order two little girls into custody of "emotionally abusive" father with history of domestic violence (United Kingdom)

And STILL the fathers rights groups whine about how discriminated against they are. The Big Lie simply covers up the sordid reality: that men like UNNAMED DAD, dads with histories of domestic violence and depriving the mother of the kids, get custody all the time.

Violent and abusive father given custody of young daughters in outrageous court ruling

TWO young children who lost their mother to cancer must now stay with their "emotionally abusive" father, Britain's top family judge has ruled.

By Oli Smith
PUBLISHED: 21:20, Fri, Jun 19, 2015

The family court ruling has ordered the kids to return to their father

The girls, aged just three and four, had been offered a new life in America by their maternal great aunt and uncle.

But, a leading family court judge has ordered the kids to live with their father in Britain despite serious concerns over his parenting.

The kids' mother tragically died from cancer in 2013 amidst an ongoing family court battle.

The mother had been hoping to take custody of both children after suffering domestic violence at the father's hands.

The custody battle then spilled over into an international tug of war after the mother's passing.

The children's great aunt and uncle from Illinois stepped in to give the kids a home away from their father.

An earlier judge ruled the father 'emotionally abused' both the mother and children after taking the youngsters to Pakistan without permission.

The father even tried to use a 'false will' and a 'bogus confession', which he claimed the mother had signed, to keep custody.

And, following the mother's death, he "laid the ground for attempting" to obtain a life insurance payout, the court heard.

However, Sir James Munby, president of the Family Division, blocked the great aunt and uncle's bid to adopt the children.

He insisted: "The case for adoption is simply not made out. "I am very conscious that the consequences of this, in a sense, is that the father wins by default.

"The children go to him because the only alternative is ruled out because adoption is ruled out.

"But it is fundamentally important children are not to be adopted merely because their parenting is less than perfect, indeed, perhaps only barely adequate".

Despite the 'serious findings' against the father, an independent social worker claimed he had "a positive relationship" with the girls.

He also praised the "generally high quality" time he spent with his children.

The children are currently with their great aunt and uncle in America on holiday but have been ordered to return to their father by August.

Since their mother's young death, the children have spent three extended holidays with family in America.

The judge also ruled that the two young girls will continue to be monitored by the courts.

Names involved in the case remain anonymous under regulations governing family court actions involving children.