Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dad charged after 2-year-old wanders from home multilple times (Pineville, North Carolina)

Is dad JERRY CONNER a custodial father? Notice that there is mention of "one woman" in the home who is NOT identified as the child's mother, and has not been charged. Not only that, she sounds pretty lackadaisical about the whole wandering 2-year-old thing, which is pretty weird. She sounds more like a casual girlfriend than a mom. What happened to Mom?

Father charged after 2-year-old wanders from home multiple times, police say

By Stephanie Maxwell

PINEVILLE — A Pineville father is charged with child abuse, after police say the man's son has wandered away from home several times, and he didn't even know it.

Neighbor after neighbor along Pineville Street said they weren't surprised to hear Jerry Conner is charged with child abuse.

Police say at least twice, his 2-year-old son wandered far away from home, and someone called 911 to report it. #Channel 9's Stephanie Maxwell knocked on the door to the family's home, but no one answered.

She talked to one woman, who says she's had a few close calls with the boy.

"The child was in the road, and we almost hit him," says the woman who didn't want to give her name. "He wanders out toward the road a good bit."

Police say the 2-year-old even walked all the way to Lake Park back in April, just feet from a large body of water.

At that time, police say Conner told them-- the boy slipped out the door, and he didn't realize it. That stunned walkers at the park.

"For a 2-year-old to get from home to here, that's about 5, 10 minutes," said Adele Campbell. "If your child is out of your sight for two minutes, why are you not looking for him?"

Last Thursday, police arrested the father when the boy ended up a few streets over from their home. The woman who got close to hitting the toddler says she's always drives extra slow in the neighborhood, just in case.

"I just hate it because he's a precious little boy," she said.