Friday, June 12, 2015

Custodial dad indicted on capital murder charges in death of 23-month-old daughter; had stripped mom of custody just one month before (Waveland, Mississippi)

Dad is identified as OREN LEWIS. The mother is reportedly a "former girlfriend." Former at the time of the little girl's death? If so, that would suggest this was a custody/visitation situation. But as we so typically see, Dad's custody status is not explained.

Background information  HERE. According to this article from December 2013, Daddy had been custodial for one month:

Police said Lewis told them he was home alone with his four children on the night of August 25, 2013, when Maleah feel from her bed causing the injuries that led to her death.

"We don't believe that's what happened. We don't believe it could have happened that way," said the chief.

Family members said Lewis was awarded custody of the little girl a little more than a month before the tragedy.

Also this:

Rita Bush is Maleah's mother. She and Lewis were not married, and custody of the child ended up in court. Bush said she's been waiting all these months for answers.

This is typical of the way the media gradually "forgets" the custodial father's status, thereby giving those in power who granted him custody a free pass. No accountability here, folks! Move right along.


Waveland father indicted in child's death

The Associated Press
June 9, 2015

WAVELAND, Miss. — A Hancock County grand jury has indicted a man for capital murder in the death of his daughter last August.

According to multiple media reports, 33-year-old Oren Lewis is charged in the 2013 death of 23-month old Maleah "Gracie" Bush.

The indictment was issued in May but made public this past week.

Lewis, a Hancock County native, is a former Hancock County coach who played football for Pearl River Community College and Louisiana Tech.

Authorities say that the girl died after Lewis reportedly told police she had fallen from a bed while she was asleep at a Waveland home. The child, the daughter of Lewis' former girlfriend, died at a New Orleans hospital. An autopsy showed the girl died of a massive traumatic head injury.