Thursday, June 18, 2015

Custodial dad abandons 2-month-old baby in alley; what happened to mom? (Cleveland, Ohio)

Whoa. What kind of father fights for custody of a baby who is not much more than a newborn--then abandons him?

A sociopathic control freak, that's who. A sociopathic control freak who obviously had no interest in actually raising a child but no doubt a lot of interest in terrorizing/punishing the mother.

But notice that the mother has been erased from this story totally. No explanation as to what happened to her, how Daddy gained custody, and who allowed this to happen.

And at this point, everybody is eager to push this baby into the foster care/adoption system. Even though we still don't know anything about the mother. Typical.

Dad is identified as DESHAWN HOLIDAY.

Man finds 2-month-old abandoned in alley, arrest warrant issued for father

Posted 11:04 am, June 10, 2015, by KFOR-TV  K. Querry

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Police are searching for the father of a 2-month-old baby who was found abandoned in an alley.

Authorities say the infant was found on the sidewalk by a passerby, who then called police.

John Dorsey was driving by the area with his children when he spotted the car seat.

He says he stopped the car and asked his son to make sure there wasn’t a child in the car seat.

“He walked up to the car seat, and he was like, ‘This is a baby, pops!’ So I just jumped back the car, and grabbed the baby and put him in the backseat,” Dorsey said. “It was like somebody threw the diaper bag out the window because all the stuff was scattered down the street. Yeah, so we had to like, pick everything up and put it in the bag once we put him in the car.”

Dorsey took the child home where he and his family cleaned up the baby and fed him until police arrived.

“Why? That’s all I want to know. Why would somebody do this? And he was a beautiful little baby,” Dorsey said.

The baby was taken to a hospital to be checked out before being placed in protective custody.

WJW obtained surveillance video that captured the baby being left behind by a car.

Officials say the boy’s father, DeShawn Holiday, had custody of the child at the time he was abandoned.

Now, a child endangerment warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Workers say the child won’t be in protective custody for long since there is already another family waiting to gain custody.

“I want him,” Dorsey said. “I do, my whole family wants that baby. We called him little brother.”

Dorsey, a father of four, says he hopes the child is healthy and knows he is lucky to have found the baby when he did.