Thursday, June 18, 2015

Custodial dad charged with "neglect" in beating death of 3-year-old son now charged with DUI (Hollywood, Florida)

See our previous posts on this case. Custodial dad NELSON OSCEOLA isn't just a clueless daddy with an affinity for strong drink. Here are some previous descriptions:

Nelson Osceola had been the subject of two reports of physical abuse, and had a lengthy criminal history; the boy’s stepmom had undergone two neglect investigations.

Nelson Osceola’s rap sheet contained nine arrests, including charges of weapons possession on a school property, marijuana possession, aggravated assault with a weapon, burglary, fleeing police and battery. A court pleading cites “numerous” other reports from the Seminole police. The most recent case, the battery, remained pending during much of the time Nelson Osceola had custody of his son.

Less than two months after he was awarded custody of Ahziya, Nelson Osceola came back on DCF’s radar. Ahziya had been living with his father since the end of February 2014. On April 21 of that year, DCF’s hotline was told that the boy had “multiple bruises on his body,” along with fingertip-shaped bruises on his face. The Child Protection Team, which evaluates children for evidence of abuse, decided most of the bruises were inconclusive.

Despite all this, notice that this POS is still hopeful that he will regain custody of his other child (the one he and the step didn't manage to kill) and will "probably go free" from this latest DUI charge too.

Sick of the coddling abuser daddies get yet? Osceola is on the Killer Dads and Custody list for the State of Florida.

Father Charged With Neglect In Son’s Death Faces New Charge

June 18, 2015 12:49 PM
Joan Murray CBS4 Reporter

HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) – The Hollywood father charged with neglect for the death of his 3-year-old son is now facing new trouble.

Nelson Osceola appeared in bond court Thursday for allegedly driving under the influence.

The 24-year-old, who was arrested in March on child neglect charges in connection with the death of his son, Ahziya Osceola, was free on bond but is back behind bars on drunk driving charges.

According to police, in March, Osceola’s son’s bruised body was found stuffed in trash bags, crammed in a box in the home he shared with his wife and other family members.

Osceola’s wife, the 3-year-old’s stepmother, Analiz Osceola Rodenzo is charged with aggravated manslaughter and remains in jail.

Osceola’s lawyer, Hilliard Moldoff, says he’s still dealing with the emotional turmoil over the death of his son.

“Mr. Osceola is the father of a child who’s deceased and has been struggling with the reality that his son is dead. So to say that he was intoxicated doesn’t surprise me in the least and he was on the reservation which unfortunately, maybe, he feels more secure in,” Moldoff said.

But Osceola will most likely go free. Bond is set for just above $20,000.

“He doesn’t need a bond he’s not going anywhere. He’s invested in getting permission to have custody of his other child. I’m sure he’ll be out and be sober and be fine in a week he’ll get the message but this was just probably a wakeup call for Nelson.”

Osceola could post bond as soon as Thursday and be released from jail.

Meanwhile, prosecutors have upgraded his previous charges to child neglect with bodily hard.

Osceola is expected to go to court on that charge in July.